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Ok, not really, just my web presence. This is the only place where I can truly be myself without being attacked. I just do not understand people. If I post an opinion, don't spam me with your propaganda. If I want to talk about it, we can be civil. And honestly, I have the right to delete anything off of my Facebook page.   I realize that Facebook is full of drama and maybe I was trying to insight some (unconsciously, because I don't think I like drama). I'm just...
Never tried it     Apple Butter
Ok, I have finally (after oh, 7 years) decided to start being more vocal. I am not strong enough for the high circ south/midwest. I am almost in tears. People are so ignorant. They believe anything that supports their "choice." Help me please.
  Thanks for this tidbit. THIS would be the only reason I would join also.
This is mostly pertaining to textbooks. I am curious what seasoned (and new) home schoolers choose in this regard.
How old is your son? What grade is he in?
I've decided that Elemental Science is the right price and looks about right for a good intro year. After that, in K5 or 1st, we will switch to RSO. :) or that's the tentative plan lol
CurlyFry, not all children are ready to read at this age. Check out the unschooling thread. Plenty of late bloomers, which tells me that ability to read is like everything else, it varies from child to child. Your ds1 will read when he's ready :)
And of course the child could always end up being a girl :) or quads. lol
I have a special needs toddler and I just need to be able to get her services without the vaccine pushers and when my son has insurance I need him services without circ pushers (and the vax pushers). I try my best to protect my kids :D
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