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Thanks a lot! I will try it with my son and see how it goes...
I also like you most recent hair cut the best! You have a gorgeous face and the short hair looks awesome on you, imo.
I was reading "Parenting" magazine today and saw their add... Was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it...
I cannot watch such clips... It makes me sick and soooo mad!!!
If she likes it and hasn't had any allergic reactions, why not?
Congratulations! I love his name!!!
Take a look at: http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/IWC...1&Section_Id=1
My dogs don't take baths during the winter at all unless they get into mud or something like that... But during the summer they spend a lot of that in the yard and so they take baths more often... I would say every other week or so... Bathing a dog every other day is way too much, IMO.
I learned Latin many years ago when I was in college. It is important if you want to learn the meaning of several words.
When I was pregnant I could only sleep on my right side.
New Posts  All Forums: