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First of all, I'm not sure if I should be posting here, or in the general mental health area. If it is inappropriate for this section, I do apologize, but I thought I would find more breastfeeding mothers here. I am certainly depressed, but I'm not sure if it is postpartum depression. My daughter is 5 months old. Easy, unassisted birth, no birth trauma. We had a heck of a time with breastfeeding in the beginning, with a terrible case of thrush, and latching problems. We...
DH used to be a GM for Applebee's. Their steaks come in on a truck, vacuum sealed, pre marinated in lavender. That's why it tastes like soap. The steaks have to sit out in the air for two hours before cooking to allow the enzymes in the marinade to activate and tenderize the meat. They are tri tip, a very cheap cut of meat. We don't recommend their steaks.
Tear - thank you so much. MamatoababyA - The first 2 times she pooped was naturally, The last 2 were with a suppository.
I am very frustrated and a little scared. My baby was born 9/1. She passed meconium the first 2 days, and had one transitional poop on day 3. Then, a normal ebf poop on day 10. On day 19, I gave her a suppository after encouragement from the pediatrician. She was jaundiced and he wanted her to poop to get her levels down. It was a ton, and a normal ebf poop. Because I have been stressing about her not pooping, I took her in again after meeting with a private IBCLC for a...
I may start a new thread about this, but I wonder if the infant probiotics would do her some good? The guy at the hfs was pushing them on me the other day, said they would be good for her. At $35 a jar, I would think so! Has to be more gentle and natural that MOM.
I went to Target tonight to buy some, and they were sold out. I'm going to take it as a sign, and hold off for now.
Thank you so much for asking, Megan. It went really well, and I feel a thousand times better. The LC supervised a feeding, and said that while her latch isn't great, its good. She saw more swallowing than I did. She suggested that I undress her at each feeding to keep her awake so she will transfer more milk, and to keep up the breast compressions. She said that some of the latest research shows that its not babies that stay on the breast longest that get the most...
Annie - I don't think I have supply issues. I don't over produce, but I leak a bit and tingle every hour like clockwork. But, at this point, anything is possible. Something isn't working right.
I'm meeting with a IBCLC in two hours, and then having her evaluated at a pedi dentist tomorrow. I really appreciate the replies. I am completely freaked out; I never in a million years thought I might have to give my baby formula. Hopefully I can purchase a Lactaid through the LC and not have to wait on one to ship.
If I could pump, this wouldn't be quite so tragic. But, it doesn't matter what variable changes, what kind of pump, time of day, nursing and pumping at the same time, etc - nothing comes out. Nothing. I cannot exaggerate that enough.
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