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Please add me to the list, due December 27 (which is also dh's birthday)!
You might want to try slippery elm instead. Works like a charm and safe during pregnancy.
Hey fellow Unschoolers, Check out this interview on the unschooling site Do Life Right: There is a chance to win a free autographed copy of my book at the end of the interview. Happy wondering! Ginger
We have this book, and have enjoyed it, but a better one is MaryAnn Kohl's Mudworks.
hee hee. I thought this was a "wiring" workshop, which is totally what my kiddo is into right now - making wire sculptures, that is. He also regularly writes poetry though, so I'll see if he wants to get in on some acrostics here.
We grew this mold garden recently. It was good to see what foods broke down and which ones didn't. I think Zeal will never again ask me for white bread after he saw how long it took for the wonderbread-ish junk break down.
I think more important than learning "times tables" is that children develop a strong understanding of patterns. Once they understand the patterns that numbers make, they will more easily understand what 3x8 etc. means. Then, the actual times tables will be easier to commit to memory. Start by doing skip counting and activities with a hundreds chart. Also, to make it more concrete and less abstract, you might try to just be gathering things that come in groups. ...
Hi there. I just posted in the Earth Scouts thread, but I'll put it here too. You might want to check out SpiralScouts (www.spiralscouts.org) - We have been doing it for three years (I'm a leader) and my son loves it! One of the things I particularly value about it is that it is co-gender, so we are scouting with boys and girls, and it is really nice to have both energies at our meetings/events/outings.
We have been doing something similar called "Spiral Scouts". I am a leader for my own son's group (for the last three years). The flexibility is amazing, and the organization is pretty well established, as it is international. In the last few years we have done cooking, hiking, camping, astronomy, birding, sculpture, and many other topics. My son LOVES it!
Just wanted to ask you all what your favorite catalogues are for finding good parenting/education books. Like Rosie Hippos (has a nice book section in the back of their toy catalogue)? Chinaberry? What other good ones are out there? Thanks!
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