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when they are ready!
I have a great friend who often says to me, "I highly recommend a 6 year gap!" Ds is coming on 5, and we are starting to think about (dare I say plan?) it.... I am almost seven years older than my brother, and that has also been a great relationship, in all its stages.
We've travelled around the world 4 times with a non-vaxed kid. Have fun!
The Taj Mahal Agra, India
we always bring clay on long flights. books on tape are great too.
ok, maybe 2 hours is a big deal. (I was born in 30 minutes so I thought my labor with ds would be easy and quick. ha!) Can your dh find a satellite phone anywhere so you could at least call?
I would probably go just so I would be with my husband (aka support system) if labor were to happen. 2 hours away doesn't seem like that big of deal. Maybe you guys could find a middle road by him promising to check in on you every so often. Make your feelings/concerns known and listen to his. Maybe you can find some sort of compromise. I do agree with everyone about doing what feels right for you. Sounds like dh just wants to soak up time with you in this...
Alternative to s'mores (although we are happy that we found vegan marshmallows!) Take a banana, slice and then cut back a "flap" of the skin, scoop out a little of the banana, pour in trail mix (with choc. chips is really good), place skin flap back, wrap in tin foil, roast over fire. It's REALLY yummy! For breakfast, bring along premixed pancake mix and lots of fruit. We like kabobs and veggie dogs with salad for dinner. Lunch is usually sandwiches, chip[s and...
Big Bummer! Well, we have been able to get a flight TO Jamaica, but were unable to find an open flight coming home (at least one that would honor our frequent flier miles) so we are having to regroup on the trip idea. We also tried Belize and a few other places. All the flights home are booked. ugh! We'll get there though. Thanks for all you wonderful info everyone!
Just keep offering. My ds spit EVERYTHING out when he was that age. Now, at 4 1/2, there isn't anything he won't eat as long as he indeed is in the mood to eat. Today he made himself a lettuce,chard, fava bean, carrot "roll up". I never thought I would see him eating such foods and now he is combining and preparing them himself.
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