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Quote: Originally Posted by mama_kass watch. Do homeschoolers in your state participate in this way? yes!
If this passes, we may just go ahead and register the kid! Naaaaa!
We were driving down the road and I was sitting in the back next to my ds. He turned to me and asked, "Can I nurse?" (It's been at least 5 months since he last asked to nurse) I said "sure" and pulled up my shirt to let him nurse. He latched for half a second, then pulled away and said, "Why do babies nurse their mama's milk on one side and then the other, then the other, then the other, like that?" That's the only why question that stood out.
I agree mama kass, however, for us geography (looking at maps etc.) has come naturally because my child has been to many of the places he knows on a globe. Of course, it's not a race. No one is implying it is. Just because a kid has a talk with mom or dad in front of a map, doesn't mean they are not getting out in the garden or doing all the other things you mentioned.
Zeal has been looking at maps and his globe since just before his third birthday. He can pretty much tell you any place in the world now. His world geography is quite good for a 4 year old. For US geography, he is really interested in reading the weather page when I am reading the newspaper in the morning. He has a good undersatnding of weather now and is really interested in comparing the different areas of the US. Some neat patterns are being recognized!
Just wondering if anyone has done this before???? I just started the gentle phase, and I guess I'm in need of a little support. I thought I'd be hungrier. I guess my problem lies in always thinking about what time it is and what I am supposed to be ingesting. I'm not use to thinking so much about my daily intake. No oils or bread are going to be hard. I'm also somehwat concerned about my exercise. I normally do bikram yoga about 4-6 times a week, and am worried...
We have never brushed my 4 year old's hair. His hair is naturally in tight locks that look like little springs. It used to dread all over because of the fineness of his baby hair, but he asked us to cut it about a year ago and it came back more "springy". The back dreads because of his sleeping on it. He bathes every day. We've never had an issue with water and the dread locks. Dh had long dreads until he was nine and spent most of his time in the water. I wonder if...
The Portland Zoo is free in the afternoon of every second Tuesday of the month. They'd probably only give you the discount if you actually did come in a "group", like more than 20 people or something. But it sure doesn't hurt to ask.
I think it is unfair to assume that just because fathers don't read or respond to these message boards, that they are uninformed or un-ap. My dh asked me to read continuum concept when we were dating, just to make sure we were on the same page if/when children entered the picture. He may not know all the acronyms, but is very well educated on the ins/outs of being "AP". For him, he sees this community as a community of moms. He doesn't really hang out at our...
My mom handed this policy down to us... TOUCH IT ONCE! It doesn't always work in our house the way my mom has it down, but it certainly helps. We *TRY TO* open it, deal with it, and then put it in the appropriate place (recycling, files, etc) For the most part it works, except for the few things that end up on my desk that I will *need* later.
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