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The only thing I compromise on these days are thick skinned fruits or veggies. Which means avocados, bananas, or oranges. But even those I try to buy organic. non-og avos sometimes get bought. Anything like berries or apples, potatoes, greens we ALWAYS buy organic. Dairy products too. Although I would probably eat it non-og if I was out in a restaurant. by the way, we spend $100 a week on food without really ever compromising on it. Just buying whole foods and...
Yes, I totally would. In the same way that I let him play with his HIV+ grandma (step and ex-grandma, but grandma nonetheless). But yes, it is her health that we worry about more than his.
Just wanted to pop in and say that the Lite one seems to be the only one that doesn't have sugar in it. So for those of you that try to limit refined sugars, be aware that most of Emergen C's have fructose as one of their main ingredients.
HI there. We put spinach or kale in our smoothies almost every day. Spinach works better in a smoothie because the water content just makes it blend better. But we like kale too. Try freezing them into popsicles for a real treat (when the weather warms up). I make greens basically the same way all the time, mostly because my family loves it this way. I rough chop the kale and throw it into a pan with some olive or coconut oil and garlic, sprinkle with salt. We...
Congratulations Deirdre. Looking forward to hearing more about the birth and meeting little Aurora when we get back. Ginger
adding to the kitchen list: -funnel -egg beater No toy is off limits in our bathtub though. Ds often takes his stuffed animals in with him.
Does anybody know if we have access to the 'before the boards went down' archives? We had HUGE discussions about this and there were some good lists made.
I can't tell you what to do, but I will tell you about our experience. My son was born while we were living in India as expats. So, that means I spent our first month completely pampered. We were in babymoon heaven! Quiet beautiful snuggly days with three meals a day on the table, all our laundry done, massages every other day. It was amazing. So even though our life seemed perfect, when Christmas rolled around and he was 4 weeks old, I really wanted to be...
I've been on the receiving end of lots of teacher gifts over the years. They have ranged from dough ornaments made by the children to classroom libraries to handknitted scarves to (literally) 24k gold earrings. The best gift I ever got was a long handwritten note from parents telling me how appreciated I was and how much I meant to the children. I've gotten a few of these and they have meant the most. I still have the gold earrings (and almost every other gift I ever...
Take a few or more pieces of yarn, tie a knot with all of them together leaving about four inches (or however long you want your fringe) at the end. Attach it to the scarf. Do the same thing all across the end of your scarf and your will have a nice fringe.
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