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Tonight we had individual 'pizzas' that turned out more like an open faced sandwich, but they were so yummy. I used focaccia bread as the crust, but I usually do a regular pizza crust that I usually add curry to. Roasted sweet onion, eggplant and Italian roasting red peppers with PLENTY of olive oil for about an hour. Added it to the crust that I spread with "Yumm Sauce" which is basically chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and nutritional yeast and popped it back...
Oh my goodness, gracious. Mom is on a rampage now! My mom wants to take my son, his three cousins, her and I to Disneyland for an all expense paid 4 day weekend for his Fourth birthday coming up in November. She wants to go all out, Californialand hotel or whatever it's called and everything. Ds has never seen Disney, save for the 5 minutes of Beauty and the bEast recently in a kid's furniture store (gave him nightmares- it was the scary part) and we are soooooo not...
The book Simple Living with Children has some ideas about combatting consumerism. Also, check out the Center for the New American Dream http://newdream.org and here's an article on the TV monster: http://homeacademy.com/news/winter03.html#02
wonderful hospital birth in India, wore nothing!
bikram yoga (love the heat) bike rides and hikes (although that's not alone time, but certainly 'free') writing (working on my 2nd draft of my first novel, essays here and there) work in the garden (it is slowly coming along) late night rendevous with some friends at the sweet shop around the corner (while the hubby's stay with the kids - not often, but definitely awesome!)
My son has had whooping cough (he caught it from a friend) and they were both treated homeopathically using Drosera Roto...(can't remember the rest of the second word) But it is available in the little blue homeopathic vials, if you want to try.
Quote: Originally Posted by dready*mama Read 'The Teenage Liberation Handbook'. I forget who wrote it Grace Llewelyn. A wonderful read and I agree, will probably answer many of your questions and help articulate how you are feeling.
This has been a little bit of topic of conversation around here. Ds (3 1/2) has been talking about being an Indian Snake charmer for Halloween (amazing how early in the year they start thinking about Halloween). The costume would involve a traditional/ everyday Indian kurta pajama, a turban, and the snake charming horn we picked up in India, and of course a fake cobra. I was feeling a bit weird abouyt it, but now that I write this I've decided that it is just like any...
tacos with ketchup!!!!! It's the only way I'll eat them.
Ballet class was a nightmare for us. Well, maybe not quite that extreme, but it was really annoying for the parents (me and dh). There was a lot of waiting in line for 'your turn' to take 2 seconds to wiggle across the room, show that you could plie, jump over the doll (which ds had a VERY hard time with, wouldn't do it - he spent his first two years in India where you just don't step over the top of people, instruments, things, etc out of respect, but she tried to...
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