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when they don't know babies are not supposed to ride in the front seat with airbags and don't know what kind of carseat they have, I believe there needs to be some sort of resource information available.
he calls it smothering.
"i have a costco seat i think--- i dont even know. before that it was evenflo . " make it your business to know, and check the site I listed above regularly for recall information. Not to do so is risky and in my eyes, negligent.
Is there one here? I have seen some pretty startling instances of child passenger ignorance here, and I think that having a forum in which info is posted, recalls are made known, and people are able to ask questions about child passenger safety would be an excellent addition for this community.
I agree with you. I can't imagine losing my child because I was ignorant about car seat safety and could have done better.
I am not surprised that your children are giving people
sometimes I think we idealize community here if we all agree that we shouldn't ever be held accountable or EVER be made to follow the same rules as other people regarding the safety of our children, dragonfly.
I agree with most of your points wholeheartedly daylily (as I always recall having done) except that I view an improperly protected child in a car as somewhat of an emergency. That said I am acknowledging my privilege as I say that.
Quote: Originally Posted by daylily So, it's laudable to make people feel like crap because they can't afford a new carseat? When I was three, I survived a serious accident while strapped into a very old-fashioned car seat in the back of my mom's corvair. Flame away if you want, but any car seat is better than no car seat. As for the OP, I don't think there's anything wrong with politely informing those people to reposition their carseat, since it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragonfly Because some people don't give a rat's ass about their children's safety, maybe? I can't tell you how many times I've seen adults riding along, strapped in, while their small children are jumping around the car. I'm not one for excessive government control through legislation, either, but carseat regulations are important. Sometimes hitting people in their wallet with a big, fat fine is the only thing that's...
New Posts  All Forums: