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your experience is different than anyone else's, and I contend it's extremely insensitive to state that not breastfeeding because one was molested as a child is a crock. Your "re-explanation" does not change my view. You have been in your shoes, not everyone else's. To think of you pressuring your children to breastfeed because their reaction to molestation is a crock makes me very sad. Sorry for your loss.
"Originally Posted by Ms.Doula Call me insensitive, but I do think this is a crock: ~What if a mother were molested as a child and cannot have her breasts touched? " Exceedingly insensitive. Do you have children? Would you like someone like you telling them how they should behave as adults if they were molested as children?
I guess if the government shouldn't tell parents not to put their infants in the front seat of a car with airbags because of the extremely dangerous nature of airbags, then it shouldn't be able to dictate that children should not be left in hot cars either? This thread is making me a little bit sick.
moondancer of course I remember you! I have wondered how you were. It is good to see you again and know that you are still well.
If this board had fewer rules (if pigs could also fly) I would not ban anyone. I would send very yucky trolls to a little troll room where they couldn't see the rest of the board. In the case of a smaller and private community, I would probably do it. This is a public board though and so overall I think banning is nonsense. Except that there are many rules to be followed and not following them leads to banishment.
oh man that is a COMMERCIAL for something that is on ALL the time. Yes I watch that evil entity known as TV. What ad is that for??
oh no! She could have been hurt I am so glad she's okay you need to report that to the manufacturer and whoever does consumer recall stuff. It's late, I can't think well enough to remember who that is :
time outs for children under three don't help anyone but mom. If you need some space to make sure you don't blow a gasket, a time out is NOT a bad thing. I don't believe it should be used as a punishment for a child that young though. I don't believe it should because I tried it and it didn't help a thing. In fact he was three and a half when I put him in my room for a time out and he locked himself in and I couldn't get him out and a three minute time out turned into a...
in war and politics. Am I missing something? Thanks C D
They should change it to the department of environmental destruction :
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