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I was still seeing Aly a lot. She was Rainbow Ohana. I haven't seen her for awhile though I am sure she's well! Miss you too! PM me anytime for my email
it ate my reply Hi everybody! Hi charmarty, thanks for remembering me I joined right after the boards came back up. I had lurked for a long time before that. I used to be a really involved member here but have kind of fallen off the radar, I guess. I am doing really well. My son is five years old now and is doing so well in all ways. He was dxd with ASD (thanks flaminvanmama for first helping me see something was wrong) and he is just thriving. I'm still...
if it keeps going neglected some cities issue warrants. Not that this ever happened to me when I was nineteen. I didn't find out about it through a friend who worked at the PD and have to go to court and pay a lot of extra money and plead to the judge. No, not me.
I will validate you by saying HELLO how the hell are you kama? And Selu, my word, it has been at least a year since I saw you. Maybe two?
why I seldom log on here all the mainstream stuff, but really all the moaning and groaning about the mainstream stuff. Good god. It takes nearly two full minutes to open a page now because of the advertising.
what would miss manners say?
DO NOT SEND YOUR SS# TO ANYONE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Seriously. This sounds like a scam to prey on the frustrated writer. Check w the better business bureau.
School's been pretty vital for my child's well being, so I'll have to say, I don't think we should stop sending our kids to school. Until the day that women are not expected to raise their children basically alone, within a nuclear family unit, and without the village for support, then I would have to say I think school can be important. I think society does push for women to be away from their kids, but I also think it's natural to hand, say, a four or five year...
good point, greaseball, but it is still the parent's responsibility not to bring strangers into the home and give them child rearing responsibilities until a good relationship has been established. I know it can still happen, but I can't believe none of you will, in your feminist musings, admit that parents are at the helm of preventing abuse. It doesn't mean it's the parent's fault if it does happen. It means it's our job to keep our kids safe, ultimately. It does no good...
re marriage why buy the pig when you can get the sausage for free? I just don't think that marriage is the answer. I do think waiting until bubba knows sissy longer than a month and a half is a start of an answer. It's RISKY to leave your kids alone with strangers! DUH. And sorry if yall find this off topic. What can we do to see that laws are improved or better enforced? DON'T VOTE FOR BUSH.
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