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well I have the most current Vegas report here on Mothering. Today we decided to take the boy and his same age cousin to the Venetian for a gondola ride, which was a bust, because neither of them would do it. Ds is five in a few days, nephew is four and a half. So we walked out on the strip to cross the street to the mirage. Oh the cocktail waitresses in the Venetian are SEXY. I was even like, whoa! My nephew LOVED this one. He nearly killed us all by stopping...
lol izzybee I was born here but was raised in suburbs across the nation. When I would tell people I was born here they would be all, "Is your dad in the mob? Was your mom a showgirl? Did she have you in a casino?" and things like that. On a side note I love your user name. When ds was a baby we called him Izzy Bizzy Bo Bo Bo. His name is NOTHING like Izzy but dh came up with it once morning and we would sing it to the tune of London Bridge...
oh speaking of libraries the paseo verde library is AMAZINGLY up to date and just beautiful. We spend about eight hours a week in the children's section. It's in Green Valley on Paseo Verde off of Green Valley Pkwy off the 215. Also next door is the Henderson Multi Generational Center. It's a HUGE community complex and the pool outside has beach entry, goes only to three and a half feet, has five fountains in it and a two or three story waterslide. COmplete...
there's lots of cirque du shows here. The star trek experience... lol... I took ds in there (we were at the Hilton to eat at Benihana's and waiting for daddy to park the car) and he saw a lady borg and RAN away and all night was asking me if the space lady was a bad guy and was she coming to our house. I felt SO bad.
those are cool. This world DEFINITELY needs more gentleness, concern, and love.
oh and lol amywillo :LOL really it's nothing like a 24 hr drunken nude party. It's not. Sin is here. It's not EVERYWHERE all the time though.
there really is a LOT to do here that is family oriented. It's a HUGE city and most families have children. The cabs have some risque stuff, as do the billboards. There's been a movement here, that I am NOT involved in, to limit what can be on them. I live far enough from the city that I don't see any of this stuff on a regular basis. I live kind of nestled against a mountain range in a planned community... anyway let me know what hotels you are considering, and I'll...
I saw a sticker in a vending machine that said asherah's sig. I didn't have any CASH on me
I live here and I never see it. Except on the signs on taxi cabs :LOL I would just go. It's not like people are having sex on the roulette table.
the board needs to reflect the magazine. It does not.
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