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yes, lmb. I don't think I'll ever forget you, myself.
not all message boards consider a mod's job TO put a stop to adults expressing themselves. Not all message boards censor content or posts. Meiri, the thing is, here, we are a community but we DON'T make our own laws. They are made for us, ultimately. Period. A lot of message boards encourage their participants to self rule. This works well at some places. I have no idea if it could work here, but at this point, it isn't even in the cards to find out! And many here...
meiri why does it matter if they are 'strangers?' Anyway long standing members sometimes are and sometimes are not allowed to do the same thing. It was the choice of the adminstrator, not the strangers, to shut the thread down.
sparklefly, yes. the rules here are such that if one asks publically why a decision has been made, or complains about it, that their post may be removed and after warnings they may be banned. In fact I am honestly surprised I am still here after all these years.
I know my bluntness here didn't have anything to do with unkind comments I've seen you make in the past. It had to do with concern for your little girl. Nine is still such a small child. She needs your love. You come here to be given AP advice and that's what you've been given. I hope you take it, and give her comfort and tell her it's okay, while you can. She won't be able to cry in the night for you much longer.
so what? You still don't need to make it about you. I am glad you don't yell at your kids ever but the reality is that most of the world does from time to time, and right or wrong, it doesn't help matters along to hear how you wouldn't be caught dead.
okay pull out the perfect mommy badges dreamer good for you. You should be proud. But this thread isn't about you and what you would do or not do. It's about ldsmommy. And while I agree she needs to wake up and smell the coffee so she can help her daughter, lost of moms slip up and act like jerks. It happens. It's not okay, and that's why this thread is so big. I am glad people are telling her it's not okay. But telling her how you would NEVER do such a thing isn't...
what's viscious? Sometimes when I am making questionable parenting choices I feel like a good honest talking to is a good thing. Honestly, did she post for hugs and support or advice? No one is being mean here. Just honest. If a child is showing signs of being that disturbed, it's not beneficial for the mother to act like she's being a drama queen and disrupting the family. I thought this was a sight for attachment parenting? AP goes beyond the ones in diapers....
can't get past page two whether these members are 'trolls' are not they are right. The child needs help.
brown ground turkey partway in olive oil add finely chopped onion, garlic, a grated squash or two, maybe grated carrot add parmesan cheese season to taste finish cooking serve with noodles and butter and cheese for child, sauce for us. I skip the turkey AND the chicken deal because I dislike meat most of the time, and end up making myself eggs or a quesadilla or soemthing so I guess these aren't easy recipes actually LOL
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