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I really wasn't responding to anyone in particular. Except for the OP. I just picked up, by skimming, that as usual, people here are not into having to defend themselves for advocating breastfeeding, cloth diapering, gentle discipline, etc... and I don't think they really should have to. That's honestly all. Honestly.
and I agree with you suse. Although most televangelists really really really make me want to throw something, and hard. But the intolerance of Christianity on this board is just astounding sometimes. ANd I am so not a Christian in the typical sense of the word. I just like Jesus. He don't own my soul.
my disclaimer is that I am a cranky bitch, and damn proud of it.
you know what? I really don't care where my money goes. Nine times out of ten homeless alcoholics and drug addicts are that way because easily treatable mental disorders GO UNTREATED BECAUSE OF LACK OF FUNDING.
In my area of the city, a person who lives in an apartment is about as poor as it gets. Ten miles in toward the strip, though, you see a different world. There are INSANE amounts of homeless people here. Gambling is legal. People lose their bottoms here all the time. It's really really sad. The state just declared a state of emergency concerning care for the mentally ill. I think nationwide the number of permanent beds for the mentally ill is like 44 per 200,000. Here...
seeing as there is proof of evolution in any museum of natural history that you walk into, I don't see how it is even debatable. I have never seen in the bible where ANYONE said, "Evolution is not real." I think it took some mighty cosmic rendering to come up with what we have here, but that cosmic force definitely created evolution. regarding evolution being a theory, a lot of people think the bible is a big theory too. I respect one's right to believe in the bible...
I didn't even really read most of the responses here. I am responding to, primarily, the OP. Do I think we should air our biases before we post? No way. I mean, do I want everyone here to know my religion, my weight, my husband's nationality, etc, before I answer a political question? NO WAY. That is NO ONE'S business unless I WANT it to be. Regarding sensitivity, I was just musing. I didn't even read what you said, ICM, so I was not telling you to toughen up. I was...
I think if we ignored the hypersensitive types who don't have a thick enough skin to engage in a lighthearted thread about parenting myths or navel gazing without becoming personally offended, we might be happier. Another thing is, regarding "Well I formula fed and you've offended me..." type statements... some of us have been here A LONG TIME and if you notice, I'd say eighty percent of responses and threads are ones we've seen before. Maybe leave the debate in those...
Do I walk around town with my first and last name embroidered on my butt? No. That's why that info isn't in my sigline. Do I enter ordinary daily conversations by first admitting my every belief and bias before continuing? No. This thread makes little sense to me in that context.
I haven't read this whole thread but I see my opinion falls in line with the majority of the community. I post and lurk at other boards. So many people come here SPECIFICALLY because of smilemomma and the dental board. You know that Living Treasure part at the end of the magazine? I think Smilemomma should be in it. Except she's not old enough, yet, of course.
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