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YOu aren't being rude to express your interpretation of the bible, not rude at all. What does the bible say about my son? Is he gone burn or what?
oooooh goooood question. You know, Christianity can be so negative. So is my son going to hell because I won't raise him Christian? Or is he forgiven because he is innocent? At what age is he responsible for himself? If God sends nonbelievers to hell then I don't want to go to heaven anyway.
Amy I got your back if you got mine baby.
I do not believe god would unleash suffering on someone for doubting what men have told him about god. This is the only Rapture I believe in. Blondie Toe to toe Dancing very slow Barely breathing Almost comatose Wall to wall People hypnotised And they're stepping lightly Hang each night in Rapture Back to back Sacrailiac Spineless movement And a wild attack Face to face Sadly solitude And it's finger popping Twenty-four hour shopping in...
oh my doG barfing my @$$ off about cancer chicken. Blech El!
kama your sig says a four letter word!
I would also like to recommend "Promiscuities" by Naomi Wolf.
you know, that angers me because Horizon is by far the most expensive organic dairy and juice out there!!
paging Nursing Mother, Nursing Mother, please report to the Pledge of Allegiance thread in Activism. Nursing Mother, please report to Activism immediately. Thank you.
okay okay so my dh is a masochist. We are heavily into S&M including food abuse. My secret is out.
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