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Not from Berkeley.  =)  
Please check this out Mamas!   http://www.mytangledknots.com     I'm a SAHM of 3.  Just starting my own business.  3.5 years dready.  Lovins.
  I had my dreadlocks started there over 3 years ago.  I recommend!  Stephanie started mine.  Good luck    
I have twin boys and the pregnancy was hard....and everything after is hard!   Of course there are advantages at times, but wow, nursing was VERY difficult much of the first year.  I was sooo sore having 2 nurslings.  I just really didn't get anything done other than baby care.  Forget taking care of myself.  I TOTALLY love the relationship they have together though.  Twins are so lucky, thier mommy's.....well it's a tough gig!
  Over 3 years ago, when I got my dreads started, my then 3 year old son kept crying for me to "take them out".  He didn't like them at all.  Mommy didn't take them out and I still love my dreadlocks to pieces!    
My baby girl is 7 months old now.  I had NO issues whatsoever in the hospital with her.  
Chicky2, I love how you put your hair up!  I'll have to give it a try.  I also love your hair color.  
Grrr!  Unfortunately, I was one of those people who thought dreads = dirty, before I had them (although I would NEVER complain like that about someone in a restaurant!!).  So, it was a revelation for me to find out dreads weren't dirty.  Sometimes you have to have patience with those who "don't know" and educate them.  Strangers, even my close friends and relatives, ask me how I keep dreads clean.  I literally tell people to smell my hair, so they can get it that they're...
beautiful locks everyone!
Glad to hear everyone's home from the hospital and a treatment plan's in place.  Clayton is lucky to have experienced parents to help him.  Hugs    I love seeing all these babies!!!  Lila and her sister are just precious, how amazing!  E has yet another cold from her brothers, I'm ready for spring!
New Posts  All Forums: