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my daughter did the same thing. She still has to have that closeness with me! I love it!
My son who is 7 does baseball when in season, and he has TaeKwondo 3 nights a week all year long. Then he does soccer when its in season. He loves it!!!!! at this age it's about going out there and playing with all the other kids in the sporting event. So he has TONS of fun.
I have a question and prob will get flammed for it but o'well i don't sugar coat anything. LOL Ok I'm not the best at wording things but i'll give it a shot While i know some of you don't like or are against tv and that's fine and all but don't you think that kids need to be exposed to things that aren't right so they can infact disquinish what's right and what's wrong. (does that make sense?) Aren't you in fear that when they off to college that they will have a...
clap clap clap! Beautifully said Dar!
When there is a commericals on that's when my kids get up and do whatever, they NEVER just set there and watch the commericals. Maybe they will when they get older but for now that's "free time" from what they were watching.
I seen the title of this and just had to respond. I haven't read any of the other responses but i just wanted to to add my 2 cents on this one. I'm prob alone on this (as i haven't read the other posts) But i think Tv is and can be a GREAT THING!!!! They have educational things out there that will catch the child's eye far more then talking about that education thing. My son who is 7 years old, who has been watching tv since infancy is the VERY smart. He attends a Private...
awww Thank you so very much for responding! It must be hard to have that decision medicate or not to medicate not fully knowing what is really going to work. kwim. anyways, thanks again for responding it means alot!
My son is 7 and is currently a Blue belt in TaeKwonDo. He has been in it for almost 2 yrs. I think it's great dicaplin for the children and as for the sparring of it, that's part of the training. They need to learn to block hits, where to hit in defense etc etc. They have the gear on. It's soooooo good for them. I say go for it! I can't wait to put my daughter in it when she's old enough!
I'll give ya alittle history: not much but my son has a good friend whom he just admires that has Aspergers. His mother and I have become pretty good friends through our son's friendship. Anyways, he has bad episodes of anger, frustrations and emotional expressions. So the Dr. put him on a med called Lexepro (sp) and he wasn't doing well on that so they just now put him on Celexia. I don't think it has "kicked in" yet to notice a change but what you you ladies think about...
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