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Our first melt down for dd1 was when she was about 7. Never had one yet for dd2! putting aside the valuable head ups mentioned above (tired, hungry, needs hugs), there is the touchy subject of unreasonable adult decisions. I noticed that our children did head for frustration if another adult thought they could/should control the children before DW or I intercepted it, eg my parents or other "well meaning adults". When I noticed that my kids started to become frustrated...
My dd is slow, dreamy, mind anywhere but here.... until it is relevent to her personally, then she is SO switched on! How do I get her to see where her world meets "the rest of reality", she also needs to compromise? The only solution so far has been to address each event individually. Last year, she started school for the first time (age 9). To gear her clock so that she would get up in time for the bus, I put the clock forwards 3 hours -12-weeks- before the start...
Well... I witnessed a similar incident when I was 20, and cousin was 4, my Uncle was being lectured by his mum (my gran) about something in the music room of his house, and little 4yo kept coming in to check... 1) can she have a yoghurt from the fridge 2) can little sis have one 3) can her friend have one 4) would he like one 5) should the spoons go in the dishwasher or the sink drove my gran crazy cos my uncle kept trasfering his attention to cute 4yo 100% everytime she...
1) Get down to his level, look him in the eye, and blow a huge raspberry on his belly! OK, now you have his attention! 2) ASK him if he would do xyz for mummy. If you think you are entitled to automatic complience from him to do your will, you are in the wrong universe! and in which case, you can show me how to "push with string"! 3) you need to figure out how to make him WANT to do the things you need done. Hope this helps :-) as
never spanked. Mum told dad right after they were married, "raise a hand to me or the kids, we leave. No second chances." We were never spanked. Dad got real angry sometimes when we outwit his point, or talked back, or did not listen. But it was good for hime to "undo" his own spanked chilhood. come to think of it, we were never punished in any way what-so-ever. Guess that is why we are all so successful in our adult lives. as
Spring Valley School 2109 Nebraska Avenue Palm Harbor, Florida 34683 PH 727/781-1234 FAX 727/376-1764 info@springvalleyschool.com www.springvalleyschool.com We had a student come over for about a year from here, right before he graduated. Good guy! as
It's been a while since I checked into MDC, but what a lovely suprise to find such a healthy SVS climate! We are building an SVS type school at the moment in Japan. We are just laying the foundations for a "mini" practice building 1/3 the size of the final version. Needless to say, we have no real students yet, but those who are interested are here every weekend helping to build, my kids included, dig, drill and mix cement at the weekends. Soon we will cut and errect...
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How do I know? Well, we run out of money! a
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