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Obey the law! It is what holds us together. That is what I do, and the example that I lead with. There are occasions when the law is an ass, and it is important for children to not be influenced by our take on that. Not obeying a law is a very personal issue. Nothing we should do should bend a child's mind to a parent's view. They deserve to be able to make their own minds up. Having said that.... When the law is unjust, or what we think is wrong, we are obligated...
Done! Now how about some ideas! a
BUMP I saw something like this on MSN last week, and thought that this is as important for us guys as you girls. Then I found this similar thread which seems to have died in Parents as partners, so I am giving it a bump here in TAO. I have included the links to all the threads, so those joining late can find thier way back to the earlier...
Play any game that invites LOTS of laughter, and add tickles too (not too much) Take child for ride in a car or on a bicycle carry child for a walk outside I used to put myu children in the fron basket of my bicycle and ride them round the park, come rain or shine (or snow)! a
LOL My DW whines back, really loudly! that stops it dead! a
My 9 yo and 6 yo has had access to a mobile since they were about 4. Just wish they would use them more often! They only call us when we are around! a
The main point for us is not TV itself, but what is on TV, and the type of child you are dealing with. We don't have the rescourses to stimulate out kids full time, and anyway, they want time out from us too. TV can give them many things. There is alot of really good TV, full of fun and imagination, excelent role modelling, adventures, dramas and documentaries for children. So we "edit" what is available, just as we do with providing healthy food. Of course, if...
:LOL too funny! dd (2.5) Oh shit! It's raining! I cracked up! How could I not? a
"bum in the air" indicates that her knees are under her a little, and that produces a cavity under her lungs. So this is not a "front" sleeping position that causes the problems. For babes getting to sleep, this is common. However, once asleep, they should be moved to their backs if they spread out, and are flat on their tummies. Mums and Dads out there, this is really important!!! a
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