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"Sorry" is part of the process. Loooking at the situation and making amends is the rest. There are no times outs here, but if I'm not getting through to them, they must get a cuddle, and a chat, and apple slices and a story time, TV goes off if it is on, etc.... :LOL man! you rattled my cage now! a
Sickos that spank children for little accidents like that should be locked up. There is no excuse for it other than ignorance, immaturity or sadism. As for the husband giving permision to 3rd parties to spank, I'd make clear that "you" would bring criminal charges against the anyone that asults or threatens asult on your child. Never mind that they are inlaws. Be Mother Tiger! a
My kids have a pretty good idea what not to say in front of granny! This is a pretty good guilde, and they tend to want to be like granny, so dont swear. I could not say "ever swear", because it can be a jolly good self defence against those who pry into thier private lives. I'll always remember the time DD1 @4yo told an old lady to FO in Japanese for ticking her off! At the time, I praised her for standing up for herself. I would again. a
I might say "cool! give me a kiss!" But only if it is extrordinary, or they are looking for interaction. I'm with British Mum on this (as usual!) a
Ouchie! Hugz to you. How about squeezing a dummy into the corner of his mouth? Or is that illegal? a
Yes, routine, same every time. Dont rush it. And good night music while you lie down while you listen -to the whole cd-!!! Hope this helps a
Bath at least an hour b4 bed! At least. Then energy burn activity, running game, chasing game, dancing, wrestling. Put them in the front basket of the bicycle for the first 2 years, and cycled round and round the park, (about a mile each round) until asleep. (It was a big basket!) hope this helps.
Safety first. Get the bed on the floor, and relax. You don't choose how to behave with a child in bed because of a headboard, do you? The headboard can come back when this is over. hope this helps a
Quote: Originally Posted by almostfey my question: does she need to be in a straightish/flattish position? right now we sleep with me on my side and her laying flat on the bed with her head turned to one side, my uper arm kind of draped over her to keep her in place/prevent mushing by daddy . On her front or back? For god's sake ladies, make sure your little ones are asleep on their BACKS. Sleeping on the tummy is the #1 cause of cot...
yep, walks in the park or beach at 1 or 2am, or a family resterant. You'd be amazed who else you bump into at 2 am with their kids! a
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