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I've seen this in our Mother's and toddler classes. Geeze it bugs me! It is not the words that are the problem, but that it is training for the child to "tune out" the mother. When I do it (praise), I ask the child what the are doing, let them tell me, and then say "Oh, I see, well done!" The reaction of a child that has tuned out mum, to me, compared to the mothers is enourmous. Tuning out is as big a problem as false praise. hope this helps. ps, I have...
We have had unembaraced nudity since birth. And everything is natural. 2 yo is such a good age to begin "how we are made". No embaracement, maybe some giggles. We have a strict "no touch" policy though. 9yo dd is totally cool when dad walks to the shower, or goes out the the washing line to get undies. 5yo dd makes a huge song and dance (literally!) and we all go If you are having problems with a 2 yo, it will only get harder for you! Start now, and get...
And go easy on yourself. No one can do it right first time. a
We have never had a tantrum from either of our children. We never told our children what to do all the time either. We made a safe environment, and let them loose. And involved them, in everything. a
DD (9) only eats her vegie soup if I take out the Peppers. At lunch in the resturant today, she skips over to get her de-peppered soup, her hand catches the table, and the contents of the tray, the burgers, the sause dishes, iced coffee, yoghurt drink and salad tip onto my lap with a loud crash. Her hands are a mess and she is standing in it all in front of me. Everybody is looking! So I'm left holding her soup bowl and spoon! But, as usual, I'm dead calm....
Quote: Originally Posted by minmoto2 :LOL When my oldest dd was 5yo, she would be a doggy & give us all very wet kisses... Yeah! I know this one! Imagine a class full of 5 and 6 yo all wanting to "kiss" teacher" ugh! :LOL a
Why? Is he going to eat it too? a
On a TV program I saw of a French Dr., he allowed the ladies under his care to get into the pool as soon as they began to feel they needed, (before excessive pain). We did this for my children, and the relief was substantial. There is no point in waiting till the baby is about to drop! The water birth experience is not just for the child, but for the mother too. Hope this helps a
Right darlings, time for another bump on this one! a
Quote: Originally Posted by dubylyu As long as I replace the chlorinated water in it with fresh water, is there any other detail I need to consider? How long before the birth should I put the birth-water in? ? Birth water? I'd recomend the chlorinated tap water. You are covered with germs from every-which-where. How do you drain the water out of it? Do I need a special pump? Quote: Originally Posted by...
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