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Quote: Originally Posted by stafl here's a great website, and what convinced me to try it: http://birthrites.edsite.com.au/placent.html did you check this thread? http://www.mothering.com/discussion...ad.php?t=109978 and of course, google. a
I would discourage you to have the water above body temperature. Remember that the baby has no way to cool down, and it is being born into that environ. I'm sure the effect of raising the temperature above body temp cannot be good for a new-born. a
Are you asking or are suggesting, or are you reporting? a
Quote: Originally Posted by BinahYeteirah I have heard that there is no prohibition against eating placenta (it is not actually definitively "not kosher", but that it would generally not be allowed because it is "disgusting". I think if one were to present a rabbi with information regarding the health benefits of eating the placenta, one might be able to get a heter (permission) to eat the placenta. Forgive me. I know nothing of the minutae...
I've just remembered that it is impossible for there to be a LH gene. 10 years ago I taught identical twin boys (therefore same gene set.) On was LH the other RH! a
Quote: Originally Posted by Calidris just subscribing so I have something to entertain dd with later. but why are the bananas not dancing? They get a bit stuck. Don't know why. a
Hi all, From the archives. This is dealt with very nicely by Dar. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=154342 a
I got the beggining of the story, but I can't get it without subscribing. But the point was made. And now I too am remembering many a "discussion" with parents. a
As far as I am aware, lefthandedness has never been identified in other primates, though it has been specifically looked for. Of course, I may be out of date on this. Additionally, the proportion of Left to Rights has been growing over the centuries. If Leftie genes existed 300 years ago, we could expect to have found them in 50% of the population, unless it were a recessive gene. These two things lead me to suspect righthanded ness is genetic. the missing link
Bumpy bumpy bumpy. a
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