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When I was pregnant with our first, my husband ordered something from a bedwetting site. Basically, it was a big, washable mattress cover. He also got some of the smaller area-sized waterproof on one side, soft on the other side baby-blanket sized pads to put on the part of the bed where the baby most often lay. I have to say these were definite mattress-savers!
I don't have twins, but my son is friends with a twin and was recently invited to their 7th birthday party. I got them a joint present that was almost twice as much as I would typically spend on a present. I figured they'd like it better than two of the same smaller present. And if they didn't - no worries - I included the gift receipt.
Hurray for hapas! My husband is hapa, so does that make our boys hapa hapa?
Quote: Originally Posted by Two Spunky Monkeys I am a home daycare provider. ... It's a terrible job to have (in my opinion). I love being home with my kids, and I will do daycare if I have to in order to still be home with the kids.... Yikes.
If you give a kid a root beer, he's going to ask for a straw. When you give him the straw, he'll probably want to blow the paper off. When he blows the paper off, it'll probably fly into someone's cake. He'll probably want a taste. After he eats the cake, he'll be thirsty, and then he'll ask for a rootbeer (b/c it's like crack... I'm addicted anyway...)
My baby is 25 months old. I was really ready for this. It was a gradual process. He hasn't had any since last week, and has been satisfied with cuddles since then. I have no desire to return to the every 2 hour schedule (mostly for comfort) he enjoyed whenever we were home together (including all night, but I'm really feeling some kind of hormonal backlash or something... Post-weaning depression?
I dress my boys in dark colored, quick-dry pants. Dark colors so the dirt doesn't show b/c the dirt comes fast & furious & I hate constantly changing them into new clothes. Quick-dry for the unplanned forays into creeks, lakes, and accidents during the night. They each get a bucket for collecting rocks, twigs, whatever. The buckets do double duty as campfire water buckets at the end of the day. We all come back filthy but happy!
I had the same exact problem, so this year for first grade I'm going to compare some Levi's and the Target brand jeans. I had bought him a bunch of elastic waist, light-weight stuff that got holes within weeks. Never again (or at least until he's in high school)!
If you're a hardcore whitewater rafter, I strongly suggest finding a class I river with one or two class II rapids nearby & take your family with you. Cut back on the class V somewhat and teach that child to boat! That's my strategy, anyway, but I'm a mom (& former whitewater guide) whose second child boated for the first time at 11 months and whose first child knows it's time to find his PFD whenever he sees Mom in swim trunks... Seriously, as one half of the...
We're encouraged to volunteer in my son's classroom. In fact, we're required to put in a certain number of hours per year, though not necessarily in the classroom. The half hour per week I've spent over the last couple of months has been really valuable for my son as a time when he's gotten to "claim" me publicly, it's been valuable for me as an insight into my son's experience, and I'm fairly certain it's been valuable for a certain slower boy in my son's class who's...
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