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I have two and a half year old Kawaii snaps with the microfiber infers and PUL otters. I think they are fantastic. They wash well, don't bother my babies' bum ( I was worried about the MF) and still look like new. I have a couple of their minkes and think they are terrible. Wicking, bulky and I'll fitting. I also have Velcro bu genius and they are horrible in comparison. I cannot even use them any,ore since they fall off due to Velcro failure :/
This may seem overly simple, but the easiest thing my family does to save money is to stop thinking of things we already have as disposable. If something like an appliance stops working, do not immediately throw it out and seek out a replacement. I have used the website called "Fixya" to help repair my refrigerator, washer, stand mixer, coffee maker, grinder, printer and more, saving hundreds of dollars while keeping these items out of landfills. My husband and I were...
Once upon a time, in my single and childless days, I worked in a position that allowed me to meet and interact with people on a daily basis.  One of the absolute favorite aspects of my job was to see little babies facing the world while strapped to the chest of a proud father.  My heart would melt.  I looked forward to the days when my future husband and I would babywear.  During my first pregnancy, I researched babywearing options.  I learned that the style of carriers...
Bumping because this event is coming up!  We have 15 practitioners/vendors confirmed including midwives, doulas, chiropracters, naturopathic doctors, a holistic dentist, Spa Dhara, Kate's Caring Gifts, massage therapists, The Food Fairy and more.  After spreading the word at the local farmer's markets the past two weekends, we are hearing a lot of excitement and energy surrounding the formation of this community.  I can't wait to meet everyone!
I had to resurrect this thread because I found one!  In researching practioners in the area to invite to our Holistic Moms Network Open House, my co-leader discovered Dr. Preet Sahota.  One of our members took her two year old son in last week and said that she was nothing short of amazing.  Her office is located at the Stevenson/Mission intersection and she takes most dental PPO insurance.    http://www.smile-matters.com/services/pediatric-dentistry/   Christina
i have bought many great things from reuseit.com. Great company! I have been waiting for them to sell planetboxes (which I really covet) so that i can combine shipping with some other great products like glass dharma straws and insulated food containers.
We have had such a great response from local holistic practitioners and vendors that we have had to move our October 6th Open House Event to a larger venue to accommodate them!  I hope to see you at our new venue, the meeting room of the Silliman Center (6800 Mowry Road, Newark) on Thursday, October 6th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  It will be a great night of food, pampering, information and community.  Spread the word amongst your Mama friends.
That is a good question, Pookietooth.  I actually feel that this group is great for anyone with a holistic outlook, parent or no.  HMN is more of a support group for the parents rather than your typical playgroup.  We focus on topics that nourish our souls as people first, then parents. We will be having get-togethers that will involve the kids, certainly, but these events will not be the focus of our chapter.  Monthly meetings take place in the evening after most little...
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