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I hadn't considered that possibility.  Thanks for the idea!  I'll pitch the concept before this weeks practice and see how she responds.
So we've decided she can quit soccer.  My husband came home and we talked it through.  Thing is this *was* entirely our idea.  Also she loves her weekly yoga & ballet classes (activities of her own choosing) & will be back in music in the fall so it's not like she is a couch potato.  We just thought a group sport during the summer would be fun.  She was so relieved when we told her it is OK to not like an activity.  A real learning experience for me!  Hope some one else...
DD is a few months away from 5yo.  We are home for a break between her two first soccer games today.  She refused to go out on the field at all.  When we first got to the field she clung to me and said I don't want to do this.  The team has 11 kids so there are plenty of other enthusiastic participants, so at least she is not putting the team in a bad position by sitting out.   Another parent told me the only reason her son was trying was because she bribed him.  On...
They all look the same to me!
Colta, I also had conflict with DH about getting pregnant and know how crushing it is to be denied what your heart desires.  I brought it up every other month for over a year with no bending on his part.  Many times I found myself initiating sex with him during my cycle when I could *not* conceive in order to prove to both of us it wasn't about having to get pregnant.  I was always glad I did and know we both felt closer because of it.  Our schedules are really different...
I understand how you are feeling.  I mc at 12 wks, it was so hard & sad.  I hung out in the loss forum for about a month afterward and it was tremendously helpful.  Be gentle with yourself and know you are not alone.   
I'm out. AF made her unwelcome arrival.  Will be charting and planning for the next time!  Good luck to all of you still waiting.
I appreciate you posting this, Parsley.  I also tested this morning and got a BFN. Thing is I did so at 3am after only being asleep for 4hrs because that the minimum time frame suggested and I couldn't control my urge to test.  I woke up 4 hrs after that and felt massive regret for caving in the middle of the night.  I know being so anxious is not helping the possibility that a fertilized egg has the best chance to survive.  This is my first month TTC and I've been so...
Hugs to you, hope you're feeling better today.  I am at the tail end of the "official" 2ww, expecting AF any moment...or not!  Every time I go to the bathroom and don't see traces of blood I feel a sense of victory over the odds!  There is another active thread on these boards that you may want to post in -- it's called 2WW Support Thread.  It has helped me a lot during this time. 
Wow, that's some enlightening information -- sure puts things in perspective!  Seriously, I think this will really help me to be less impatient (I'm in the 2ww now).   Do you have the name of the program?  I'd love to watch the whole thing.    thanks for posting this
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