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Been a long time since I posted...   I quit my job because who can survive off 9 hours a week? Luckily, I found a new one yesterday and go tomorrow for all the paperwork.  So that takes a lot of stress. I was starting to worry about upcoming bills since I am already behind on everything. I am pretty sure my water is gonna be shut off soon and I live in such a small town that there is no assistance for anything. The only place that helps is the church and I used them for...
did a big declutter of some storage boxes today. Did clothing last week. 780 items so far!   780/2014 yay!
Moved all my garage sale items to my shed today. 496 items so far!
We are thinking of relocating to Biloxi but I have never been there. My husband has and absolutely loved it. How is the crime rate? housing costs to rent? schools? family friendly? no vax dr's? homeschool laws? jobs?
DS 10 does them. It is his chore...that and taking out the garbage.
7 empty boxes 25 books 10 games 1 coat 2 broken hangers 1 bag misc papers 1 bowl set 1 foam blocks 1 puzzle 1 journal set   323 + 50 = 373
So I went on an unpacking mission this weekend. I made a small dent but I still have half a room to unpack. We put everything into the spare bedroom when we moved in...made it much simpler and I don't have boxes laying everywhere.    1 13 gal. trash bag of misc papers and items (I will count as 50 items) 1 39 gal trash sack misc items. (100 items) 3 broken toys 3 pair shoes 3 coats 3 bags books (about 30) 6 empty boxes   195 + 128 =  323   323/2014   Tomorrow...
I cannot stand stuff on my floor. My house could be a complete disaster but as long as the floor is clean, I am good with it.
Hello. I am new to this group.    Mama of 3 boys. Married to a wonderful man for 6 years. DH was in a semi accident where is was thrown thru the windshield and is now fighting to get SSI. I am the only one working but I have injured my foot so now I am out of work for 3 weeks. We get SNAP so that helps immensely. Everything else runs tight. I get just enough hours to cover rent and the utilities. Things have been stressful lately but hopefully 2014 will be better.
I'm in and I have already started. Since we have a city wide garage sale weekend in April...all of my items are being stored in the garage until then but at least they are out of the house!    1 garbage bag kids clothing (50 items) 2 boxes kitchen items like plates, bowls cups etc. (40 items) 1 box toys (10 items) 4 winter coats 3 pairs baby shoes 1 box baby items (20 items) 1 pair crutches   128/2014
New Posts  All Forums: