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Mine are:   1. Finish projects than I never finished (like my husbands blanket I started last year) 2. Lose weight....I want to lose 100 lbs total so I am setting it small....aiming for like 20 lbs right now 3. Pay down some debt 4. Enroll in college to finish my degree 5. Decluttering...it's an every year goal lol 6. Start to save for a down payment on a home 7. spend more time with my family
My sister is a prankster. One year she gave me a duct taped box filled with hamster bedding and rotten fruit. I also received a box of noodle roni and a comb from her.
I got tired of being the one picking every thing up all the time. So now everyone gets 1 warning to pick up their stuff. They know if I pick it up...it goes into my donation box. Needless to say, they pick up their stuff.
After being ok for a little while now and having almost no episodes, he had one this evening. He was stomping and screaming and throwing things. Not as bad as before but not calm either like he has been lately. There is nothing new so I don't know what caused it.   The dr is referring him for an eval so I hope it happens soon.
We were waiting to be seen at the neuropsych clinic. They called me and told me they cannot see him unless he is referred by a preschool. I homeschool him so there goes that. We have moved back to Iowa after that and that seems to have helped a little bit. I also have stopped giving him anything with milk in it. That has made a huge difference. He is still obsessed with violence and whatnot but I try to keep it to a minimum. I change the subject when he starts talking...
I joined in 2004 under a different name. My youngest was 1 and he was the only one....now 2 more kids later....
http://memoriesofhomeschooling.blogspot.com/2013/08/z-is-for-zombie-apocalypse.html   So I stumbled upon this wonderful unit study. My 10 year old is all about zombies right now so I thought this would be fun to do. I want him to learn survival anyways. There are a few things I am gonna change to fit his needs but I thought I would share it!!
I am still waiting to get into the doctor. It took forever for the referral to be processed. I am just hoping the appointment doesn't take as long. In the meantime, his therapist told me to wrap a blanket around him when he starts to hurt himself or others. I tried that and it just made him angrier...although he wasn't able to harm anyone. 
He is going to be evaluated for autism as well as several other things. I have found that dairy increases behaviors too.
I took my son to his pediatrician and he referred me to the mental health center. We met with a counselor and she is sending my DS to be evaluated at the Neuropsych hospital. She is thinking Autism, TBI or maybe even some schizophrenia. I have to call them on Monday. But after doing research on all of those, he has more classic behaviors of Autism.  I have noticed that he is very ritualistic. As soon as he wakes up, he needs to get dressed, eat oatmeal or rice krispies...
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