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My dh has chronic pain and a ton of other issues after a semi accident. He smokes outside on the porch, never in front of the kids. My ds10 knows. We have explained it is medication. He knows what it looks like and what it smells like. We have talked to him about peer pressure. I feel it should be fully legalized. I think that medically it could help a lot of people, both adults and children. And there are so many ways to ingest it, not just smoke. Has to be better than a...
My 4year old has had anger problems as long as I can remember. We don't have a diagnosis yet although his Dr has suggested ODD, Intermittent explosive disorder and ADHD. Still waiting to get in for a psych eval. He rages at the drop of a pin, is very defiant,violent and aggressive. He likes to hurt people.he punches himself when angry. He is obsessed with blood, death, breaking things. He asks questions like "do you like to kill people". He talks about shooting people,...
I have not had AF for 4 months. I have taken several at home HPT tests...all negative. I did several at the doctor and even a blood test and still negative. Today I "thought" I had started but it was weird. It was like mucus and snot and a tinge of blood. It lasted like an hour. It was very very very lite.   I would really like to know what is going on...
50 dvd's 25 books 5 pairs shoes 4 bags stuffed animals 4 laundry baskets of clothing 2 garbage sacks misc baby items   600/2013
My boys get to put 1 picture on the fridge. It gets tossed or mailed to a family member when a new one is brought home. The only school papers I keep are their report cards and the occasional writing assignment. Everything else gets recycled.
I am a decluttering maniac. I declutter something every day. I don't like haveing items just to have them. If there is no use or they are sitting around getting dusty or "just in case" then it gets donated or sold on Ebay.
I took him to a therapist who did a quick consultation and DXed him with intermittant explosive disorder....but I think it is based on the fact that his father has it. My DS has had febrile seizures as a baby so I am not sure if that would affect him now. I do believe that there is another reason he is the way he is. I was doing research and this disorder usually doesn't show until late childhood so I am not really sure. I think I want to find a child psych and have a...
My family is going back to being vegetarian. I have finally convinced my DH to give it a try due to his health. I was a vegetarian before we got together but over the years....  I need some cookbooks with great recipes in them. Things that are not too expensive to make yet will feed a large family. Thanks!!!!
There are several things that we do: *cloth diapering!!!! *I turn my sons shirts into pillows and blankets *stay home *no cable *homemade meals *buy in bulk if possible. saves on gas and things seem to be cheaper that way *make your own cleaners *hand me downs...I bought a stitch shirt for my niece who is now 10 and it has made it's way down to my 3 year old....that is 10 kids.
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