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So I have decided on 5 large suitcases...1 for each person. That should be enough for toys, books, clothing, etc to fit into. I purged my kids clothing once last month but my oldest and youngest are growing like weeds so I am purging again tomorrow. My 3 yr old just seems to be stuck...poor guy. I am going thru the book/games collection and selling what I don't want. I have decided that the only dishes i will be taking are my large stew pot, cast iron skillet and pyrex...
I would be interested. I live in Iowa USA right now but will be heading to Washington state this summer. I think it would be fun!!!!
I am interested if she changes her mind!
1 50 gallon bag of clothing so 100 items and 1 39 gallon bag of misc items   100 + 150 = 250   500/2013
I really like the idea of putting the mantra on the wall. I get to a point where I burn out and give up lol.   I am starting in my room because it generally sets the tone for the rest of the house. We have accumulates so. much. stuff. since we moved here a year ago. My room is the "catch-all". Everything end up in here and usually all over the floor. We did a quick declutter at the end of the year. I hoped it would make a difference but I was wrong.   Tomorrow it...
I have a huge garbage can full of various items that I am giving to my new neighbor. I didn't count but it's a 40 gallon can so I will say 50 plus the 4 trash sacks in my laundry room, the exercise machine, 3 broken chairs and box of toys that no one played with.....can I say 150.....         150/2013
I always set goals for the year and then never follow through but this year I want to try harder.   *try to go to bed at a decent time (I am a terrible insomniac so 3 am is my normal bedtime and even then I am lucky.) This will be the hardest one. *read 1 book a week *finish all of my *almost*complete sewing projects that I have started *learn to crochet
I am looking for resource books mostly. Books on the different subjects, activities, free resources, online resources, homeschooling gifted children and children with adhd, good reference books. Those type of books.   We will also be relocating at the end of this year from Iowa to Washington state (olympia area ), so resources from that area would be great too!   Any pc programs would be great too!
We have decided to go back to homeschool next year. It has been a while (5 years) since we have homeschooled. My son is 9 now and is advanced, hence the reason for homeschool. I also have a 3 year old now.   I need some book recommendations so I can get back into the swing of things. I used to have a huge collection of homeschool books but  my EX decided to sell them all during our divorce.
I can sympathize with you. Everyone in my house has got it too! I am better now but my little one is sick. I am going to see if the DR. is open at all today....if not, then to the emergency room we go. Breathing problems run in my family so I am not one to chance it. Last time I did that, my oldest ended up with pneumonia. I hate taking meds but if that's the only thing that will work...
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