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my sister is a prankster...so I have received a bunch of funny gifts.   1. a box of white cheddar noodle roni 2. HUGE box wrapped in duct tape with shredded newspaper in it 3. box of hampster bedding with a rotten apple in it (the bottom of the box  was a necklace) 4. tray of wyoming dirt (it is a dessert in wyoming) but this was an actual pan of wyoming dirt.....I learned AFTER I took a huge bite of it
My grandma used to make dinner every year. It has been 6 years sinc she passed away so I decided to follow in her footsteps and make her dinner. So we are having a shrimp/chicken gumbo over rice with garlic bread., some southern sweet tea, and a yummy rum cake :)
He knocks on our door and we let him in. He stays and visits with us for a few minutes and has some coffee and cookies. On his way out he somehow always manages to leave little bits of his red suit and snow...
My kids are getting a wii from grandma. I found a few pretty cheap games at the pawn shop for it.   DS (9) *mark of athena book *lincoln log set *human anatomy book *nike sweats outfit (awesome deal at the thrift store $3!) *pair of new shoes *pj's, slippers, socks and undies *action bible *ravensburger game ($2 at half-priced books!) *stocking stuffers (toothbrush, deodorant, mini books, etc)   DS(3) *Dr seuss books *lincoln log...
1. A song from your childhood Like a Prayer by Madonna   2. A song that reminds you of an exLightning Crashes by Live   3. A song that reminds you of one or both parents My wish by Rascall flatts   4. A song that calms you down   5. A song that is often stuck in your head geek in the pink by jason mraz   6. A song that reminds you of a best friend   7. A song that reminds you of this past summer dirt road anthem by jason aldean   8. A song...
My 9 yr old DS has athletes foot. I have no idea on even where to start. I have heard that apple cider vinegar works as does baking soda but I have no clue what to do......any ideas??
All 3  of my boys are intact as is my DH. They all have had issues that sound similar. After trying everything possible and then eventually taking them to the dr. to be treated for yeast. I keep Monistat on hand now. When they start complaining of symptoms, I have them shower and clean the area really well and then dry thoroughly then put the cream on it. It works every time. A ir drying is also a plus :)
I would think it is the avocadoes. I have a latex allergy and as a result, I cannot eat foods that have a cross reaction. Kiwi, avocadoes, bananas, tomatoes are all big no-no's for me.
My DS is 4 months old. I am not BF due to the medication that I take. He has been on every formula that they carry at the store, all with the same result. Hard stomach, Diarrhea, chronic red rash that does bleed and spitting up a lot. He also periodically gets hives on his face and stomach. I think he is allergic to the milk protein in it. Is it safe for me to give him goats milk or rice milk with a multi-vitamin?
We have been together for 5 years and we have moves every year, lived in 4 different states and I am so tired of it. We are planning on moving 1800 miles from Iowa to WA state sometime next summer. We are only taking what we can pack into our van so needless to say, I have a lot of stuff to purge.   *Sell ALL furniture *purge kids clothes *go through the book collection *go through baby items *see what I can sell/donate   my small list for now.
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