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So today I have a HUGE contractor bag of clothes, another large garbage bag of clothes, a bag of toys, some things that hang on the wall, a box of dishes, cd's and dvd's, vacuum and a garbage bag of misc items, a bag of baby items......more to go!
I wouldn't even know how many items I am at now, but I know it is well over the 2012 mark. We moved from Wyoming to Iowa and crammed everything in our van. All the furniture was sold or given away. My kids brought 1 small suitcase of toys and a large suitcase of clothing. I brought only the clothes for the season. We brought basically the necessities and some sentimental items. We have slowly accumulated more and the decluttering never stops.   We are planning to...
It's like a burden being lifted off your shoulders. My DH often complains and tells me that I am a compulsive declutterer. I get rid of things without any thought to it. So go ahead....get rid of half your stuff. You will find that it feels freeing!
I have noticed the fruit flies here too. I have no clue where they are coming from. I am starting to think they are living in my plants.   I managed to sell a few items but haven't quite made it to donate things yet. Frankly, I don't want to carry all that stuff down my 30 steps. But alas, I must so i can actually use my closets.
Well baby Nykko has arrived so I am able to actually move more freely and bend over lol. I plan on tackling my entryway and my closets today. I have a pile of stuff that I have posted for sale but no luck yet so I think I am jusst gonna pack it up in the car and donate it. I am tired of looking at it.   Got the rooms switched around. I never realized how many toys my kids had. I thought I had it under control but SURPRISE!!!. So today is declutter toy day. I am gonna...
I had a bunch of my old journals. they were taking up a lot of space. I went through them and kept only the really special entries and I burned the rest in my fireplace.
I 2nd a Toshiba. I have a laptop and it works fantastic. I also recommend Sony Vaio. That is what my last one was and I had it for about 10 years before it finally died on me. It was a great laptop.
I like my pasta crunchy. I love soggy cereal. I eat my mac and cheese with ketchup. Potato chips go on my sandwich and not on the side.
My 9 yr old and 3 yr old ds share a room. My 3 yr old had a toddler bed but never slept in it so I sold it. He sleeps with his brother. The toddler mattress goes under the bed but I pull it out at bedtime because 3 yr old tends to fall out of bed or get onto the floor to sleep.
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