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Bed bugs are horrible. I lived in a tudio apartment and was given a recliner. Little did i know it was infested and eventually evrything i owned was infested as well. We tried everything but eventually had to move and leave most things behind. We moved to a house and bought a used furniture set. Turns out...it had bugs in it. So once again I tried everything. After months of dealing with bites and thinking they were gone, we moved and brought only our clothes and small...
Baby boy number 3 due aug. 13th
I have been itchy the whole time. I use lotion and that seems to help. Maybe your skin is just really dry.
I need a big bag so I just found a large purse that I like. Not only will I be carrying what i need for the baby but for everyone else in the house too. lol
I absolutely LOVE that name Zoe. It is beautiful.
We had been trying for over a year for another so we have had names picked out for a while. If it's a girl, we will name her Lillibeth Faye Ann after my grandmother. If it's a boy, his name will be Nikolai Jericho. Of course, I am going to have to give them some unique spelling....just like my other children.
These contractions were all in my back and moved to the front. They hurt so much I was crying. With braxton hicks, they are just mildly annoying and seem to be all in the front.
Thought I was having these a few days ago but I went in anyways because they were more painful than normal. Turns out I was actually in labor. They gave me some meds to stop it because they don't want me delivering yet not till at least 37 weeks. Then his lungs are more developed. Make sure to listen carefully to your body when these start.
I would definately try to see if insurance covers the supplies. they can be expensive, especially the testing strips depending on how many times a dy you test. I get 150 strips a month and mine are covered by my insurance otherwise I would be paying over $200 for them. that's not including lancets and alcohol wipes and whatever else you may need.
I went to the store and got the coconut cream pie I have been craving for 2 weeks now. Managed to clean my living room and rearrange it. Fixed  my vaccuum and put away groceries from my sams club shopping trip 3 days ago. Since I am due soon, I think that was enough activity for me today :)
New Posts  All Forums: