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Our apartment is about 800 sq ft. It's myself, my DH, 9 yr old 3 yr old and another on the way. Our friend is also staying with us for a little bit till he gets situated. Our apt is 2 bed 1 bath. I would like to have another ebdroom, but a smaller place.
Drinking water will help. Sometimes you can start having those if you are not hydrated enough.
I am GD and have been from the start. I did the whole carb counting diet thing...didn't work. I did the whole pill thing...didn't work. Now I am on insulin 2x a day. Both fast acting and long lasting. On top of that, I am hypoglycemic. I am not hopeful about the whole situation. My dr. thinks I was diabetic before I got pregnant. My OB tells me that I am measuring 2 weeks bigger than I am supposed to be and at the rate he is growing it will be csection. I am not happy...
I let my oldest watch generally whatever he wants to, within reason. My youngest loves old Popeye cartoons. I try to keep the sugar under control but a whole buncha gum makes its way through my house every week. My fridge always has a gallon of chocolate milk in it and my kids love Nesquik. And nothing makes a tantrum go away faster than "want a popsicle?". I drive an older astrovan and drive everywhere. Little one is in pull-ups and I plan on using sposies for the next...
I'm Alicia. I am married and have 2 fabulous boys, ages 8 and 2.  My EDD is Aug. 13th. This one was a miracle. I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of cervical cancer in sept. 2010. They did a surgery and removed all they could find. The dr. told me the liklihood of me having another child was less than 1%. My husband and I tried anyways and finally a positive test in November 2011. I didn't believe it at first but then I started crying. Finally...yay!!! Hoping this...
I'm in cheyenne too!!!!
That is a lot of work!! Way to go!!!   I have no guests coming but I am having spring fever. I have completely decluttered my kitchen. Tomorrow the deep cleaning starts. I have moved out several loads of stuff into my shed for my summer yard sale. Hoping to deep clean and declutter the bathroom tomorrow....dependin on if I get back from the laundromat in time. I have a TON of laundry to wash. Gonna declutter it as I fold.
So I decorated my mantle with pictures but alas!!! it still collected clutter!!!!   I cleaned out my kitchen today. DH helped me but it was like pulling bear teeth to get him to part with anything "but it's part of a set"  "but we need 3 cooking spoons" But I need 40 knives" " We need 2 coffee pots.....1 for coffee and 1 for tea" "but it's memorabilia"   next thing on thursday ( my next day off) is the bathroom. Maybe I will tell DH to go fishing ;)
1.     Plate 2.     Glass 3.     Glass 4.     Glass 5.     Glass 6.     Glass 7.     Glass 8.     Knife 9.     Knife 10.  Knife 11.  Knife 12.  Knife 13.  Knife 14.  Mixing bowl 15.  Mixing bowl 16.  Bowl 17. 
1.     Plate 2.     Plate 3.     Plate 4.     Gallon bag misc small toys 5.     Rice cooker 6.     Lunchbag 7.     Lid 8.     Punch bowl 9.     Coffee cup 10.  Bowl 11.  Halloween candy dish 12.  Trick or treat bucket 13.  Nerf gun set 14.  Small entertainment center  531/2011   I am clenaing out my kitchen today!!!
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