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I know k12.com hires at-home teachers. Maybe you can find something with them?
I have a craft blog and am looking to purchase a custom wordpress theme. Thought I would ask here first. If you do, could you PM your rates to me and samples? Thanks!
I haven't heard of them. Maybe this will help: Google Search Good luck!
Snoopy, I don't know. That's a good question... I'm going to have to research that. I doubt the optomotrist would tell me so, because they want to make money off the glasses. Eepster, So what did you do? Did you just learn to deal with the glasses?
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster What are his glasses supposed to be correcting? When I was little I had glasses to correct a lazy eye. That is exactly what it is....
I've always refered to this one as my "wild child". Everyone jokes that he should be a football player - he is not careful with anything, especially his own body. He is constantly covered in scratches and bruises - from wrestling with the dog, jumping off the top bunk, rolling in the dirt, etc. My oldest son is much more careful, but this one is determined to do things "his way". He's extremely rough and clumsy... not a good combination. The optomotrist gives a 20%...
I am so frustrated right now and have no idea what to do... My 3yo was put in glasses in January. Since then, I have had to learn how to master the repair of those glasses - doing so close to every day. They get bent out of shape, screws break, lenses pop out. He is on his 3rd pair of glasses (basically a new pair every month) due to them being broke beyond repair or lost. We got this new pair last Friday - $200. Yesterday, I pulled out the vacuum and asked him to...
Wow! Beautiful. You have a lot of talent! I wish you lived closer to me. =) Also, who ever did built your webpage did an amazing job. Good luck!
I don't have actual "products" to offer up for giveaways (though, I'm currently giving away an apron ;P), but have a couple of ideas... Ask the bloggers for site statistics. How many readers do they get per day/week/month. You won't want to offer up a $50 gift when the site only gets 4 visits a week. Confirm up front how the giveaway will be handled... Will you pay to ship the product? If so, will you ship outside of the US? OR will you send the product to the...
What about a word expander program instead? I use Shortcut. You have to purchase it, but they offer a 30 day free trial. If your looking to up your WPM, it is definitely worth the money! If you need any help figuring it out, let me know. I have a few websites I can send you to for info. =)
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