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Wonderful! Have a lovely babymoon!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful, peaceful story. Just how birth is meant to be!    Many warm wishes to your family. 
We just had a baby girl UC 11 days ago in California, got her birth certificate on the 9th day. You need: Proof of pregnancy, which can be a health department pregnancy test or an exam after the birth by an OB or mw if you didn't get the proof in time. The baby ID for you and partner, witness A utility bill proving your address Marriage cert or paternity slip if you want partner name on certificate The firms they offer for the birth certificate That is all. Pku is...
Yes, I did consume it. I spoke to my homeopath today and am starting a new remedy. Hope it helps!
I'm still struggling with some fear and anxiety about her, not getting a lot of sleep for the checking n her breathing, but it is getting better.
I have posted this elsewhere but wanted to share specifically here. I know how hard it is to find UC stories!    warning: great outcome but I talk briefly about my fears surrounding stillbirth.
warning: this birth has a great outcome but i talk about my fears surrounding stillbirth
thanks! here is her birth story at last!
Born en caul last night, March 3rd, at 9pm. 8lbs 5oz. Fast and crazy unassisted solo birth. She's perfect!
Excellent advice. I bought two nursing tanks- one secondhand (a bravado_ and one new (gillian o'malley, target). I am wearing them already because my breasts will not abide bras. After the birth I will order nursing bras online, once I know my size. 
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