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boongirl- just use the email feature. click on my name and go to "send veganmamma an email"
Quote: Originally Posted by boongirl I do not think of bitching as profanity. Sorry if you do. No, it's not profanity, it's an epithet. It's a term used to demean women. Women are bitches and nagging is what women do, therefore nagging and complaining is bitching. I find it highly offensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by boongirl Goody two shoes! Just because I read the rules? Well, that is uncalled for. I ask because I don't understand where all this animosity towards mdc is coming from. The rules are pretty clear and there for a reason. This is a public board. Why bitch and moan about what you cannot change? If you've read the rules you should know that bitching and complaining about them is not allowed and therefore stop bitching and...
Quote: Originally Posted by boongirl And, let me please add that I am not trying to open another discussion on the topic that keeps getting discussions closed. I was asking a simple question. Do you read the user agreement? I read it every time a mod spanks me in a thread. J/K I read it a loosely adhere to it. Enough to still be here. Sometimes I even break the rules to post one in a thread that has gone off track. Leftover from the...
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy But which rule? Just complaining about rules in general is actually not productive. I am not opposed to discussion but general complaining about rules doesn't actually get anywhere IME. No one started this thread to complain though. edited edited edited.... Just because some people don't agree with all the rules doesn't mean we are here to kvetch about it. The goody 2 shoes started it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna is the OP applying for a mod position? I missed you these last 24 hours here, A.
Quote: Originally Posted by Louma Maybe you're just the only one that thinks that we should follow rules that we find unreasonable without question. I much prefer asking why a silly rule has to stay a rule. That just makes more sense to me. But that's against the rules!! I mean, I winked, but it really is against the rules.
My fave feminist magazine is Bitch. HipMama has always been one of my faves because it's feminist issues and parenting issues and how they relate. The Mother looks awesome, I think I'm going to pick up a sub. Also, I get newsletters and magazines from organizations I'm a member of, like the CA Assn. of Midwives, Bay Area Homebirth Collective, stuff like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by CanOBeans Peggy, I don't think you understand even now. This website has not just published a "positive review" of a book that "endorses spanking" -- they are enthusiastically promoting the entire system of abusive, degrading, spirit-destroying tactics championed by the Pearls! We are not talking about authors who "endorse spanking" -- we are talking about people who advocate repeatedly and deliberately striking babies who...
Quote: I take your complaints seriously, but I take issue with your methods of persuasion. The argument is about spanking and child abuse and yet some of your tactics are equally as violent, and your arguments equally objectifying. Seriously? You think that because some people are complaining and cancelling subscriptions and informing others of the situation that what they are doing is equal to beating a child with a switch? Honestly.
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