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It has been below freezing most mornings. BRRR. Good news...only 269 days until Summer!
folding laundry! lots and lots of laundry!
cleaned junk drawer gathered up garbage
loaded dishwasher coffee
stripped the bed started a load of laundry emptied dishwasher.
I am trying out 3 hours of preschool twice a week with my youngest....today is the day.....it is so so so tough......   I am going to keep busy
453=25 478...2013
I have three kids. The oldest will be 9 this fall and the youngest is 2. I have been a SAHM for 9 years. YUP. My 2 year old is thinking of giving up his nap (the nap is when I clean, do laundry, cook etc) and his sisters will be home for summer holidays. I seriously don't know what to do...I feel blah blah blah....
put on load of laudry washed dishes....dishwasher broke swept
253+200 453/2013
New Posts  All Forums: