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I never look at Lost until last nite. All I knew is that people got starnded on a island and now it appears they are still lost but have found a city on the island. Please updated me on how this happen. If you can. Thanks.
The Old Christine, Cosby Show, Golden Girls and for cartoons I like watching Andy the Squireel it comes on cartoon network. Simpsons, Drew Carey Show, In Living Color, Living Single and Reba.
I don't if this ever been thought of in this thread, but what happens when Addison spins off fall. Think can she(Shondra Rimes) make two hospial drama a success at the same time. I about tried of hospital series anyway, I have been from ER to Strong Medicine, back ER then House now GA. I only watch House and GA because the come on different nites.
I never seen property ladder, I got catch it on tv one day. But I see tlc version, I think the name of it is flip this house, too. That I didnt care for and also a&e, sell this house.
I dont see how they could be best friends, because whatever they know about each other it because they told Mer and she told them. Like about Callie being rich, George didnt tell Izzie he told Mer and she told her. Then George liked Mer (and slept with her) first, it wasnt Izzie. I don't like them together sexual anyway, Callie is a better match for him then her. But how will it play out when Callie found out they been together. And why does Izzie walks into Mer rooms with...
I watch flip this house on a&e, it alright, I like to watch how the buy house, the price bought and how much invest in to the house. I seen one similar on tlc, but not property ladder, I didnt like that one.
How can Phyilis blackmail anyone for an affair...esp. the woman husband she slept with and now going to marry. I will be happy when Phyilis and Nick spilt up because that low also to make Victoria a bridemaid but you know her husband slept with Sharon. That show how much she loves Jack she will destroy her husband family to help her ex. And have Daniel lost his mind looking at porn of Amber why. I know this Lily isn't pretty as the other one but she much better than Amber.
Did you see the look on Amber face when Cain asked for an anullemnt; like he was wrong to ask for one. LOL
Who could the look alike be though to do something like this......
So far what do yall think of this week storyline....
New Posts  All Forums: