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I am thinking about trying acupuncture soon. I am back in the TWW again after having a chemical pregnancy last cycle.
Well ladies. I think that I am out. After a couple of days of faint positives, they started to get lighter and today are negatives. I'm calling it a chemical. I'm just waiting to bleed. I am going to TTC for a few more months but I need a stopping point so I can move on and make peace with my situation.   Good luck to you all and I hope you have a healthy and happy nine months.     Geek.
Thank you JudyBean and 2Sweetsparrows!
Add me to the cautious expectants. I got a couple of faint but definite positives on two different dollar store brands and a barely there on a Answer brand yesterday. Same thing this morning. My period is officially late too. We have been trying for two years. The first year was more casual and the second was serious. I am over weight and the Dr. told me that me egg quality was beginning to decline and that I am in the very early stages of peri menopause. I have also had...
Thinking good thoughts for you and sending vibes. I am so sorry you are going through this. Keep us posted and good luck.
I finally went in a few months back and got tested. My egg quality is starting to decline I'm in the very early stages of Perimenopause and I'm overweight. He told me that I need to lose some weight and then come back in. I'm working on it but it is not as easy at 39. At this point I think i'm past the point of feeling bitter. I am going to keep trying and hope for the best but I've decided for me personally and my own situation fertility treatments are not for...
Me too. I am 39, have one child and have been ttc for almost two years.
Yeah. Those blue dye tests are bad news. I've gotten an evap/questionable line on one before too. Good luck to you.
Thanks Ladies..I really appreciate the support. Jaimee-Im about 12dpo. Unfortunately, im getting more frequent mild to moderate cramps and the bleeding is picking up. :/ Its not over till its over though and ill take more tests tomorrow morning. Thanks again.
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