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They will most likely u/s later on and date the babies again. Just to make sure. I. wouldn't get too worried yet. Congrats!
Only one baby so symptoms not caused by multiples. baby looked great and I'm having another boy! I did blood and urine tests today and will more than likely have the results at next appt. at the end of Feb. my due date is July 1 so not too far off of what I guessed. will keep you all posted. thanks for the info I'll be doing research tonight.
I hope its nothing but I get horrible headaches on almost a daily basis. additive to light and causes vision disturbances so she also grips me to goto the eye Dr just incase it's more serious of an issue. they started about four weeks ago. Only about two hours until I go in.
Yesterday was my first appt. I know, better late than never. anyway, my bp is up not crazy high but higher than it should be. I'm measuring 17w even though I'm slightly prolapsed and my uterus is tipped slightly. she said I should measure smaller because of that. anywho Dr said too early for pre e unless its twins. or a molar pregnancy but baby moves and has heartbeat. She ordered an immediate u/s. I go in today. this is my sixth pregnancy and baby. anyone else have bp...
I've nurses through four full pregnancies and half way through one... and obviously didn't nurse through the first. lol. all had their hard times my one son self weaned halfway threw. my last pregnancy at 21m I normally wean at 27m. so he wasn't too far off. I have tandem nursed all but my fifth child. he's going to be 8m this month so he will tandem nurse with my newest .
Yay I'm so happy there are so many larger families here! It's nice to know anyone with close to or just as many children. I haven't been to any appt. yet do I'm not positive on how. far along or how many babies. thanks for the replies
I'm 28 and this is my sixth pregnancy and child. Just curious if there are any other mommies like me expecting in July also?
I have 5 kids in a 2 bedroom 960 sqft home with another on the way. We cosleep and room share. Besides being winter and too cold for LO outside, it's not horrible. Things tend to get messy a lot faster but that's about the biggest downfall.
Wondering if anyone has a pattern to make one and a material list. I really like these diapers so any advice help would be awesome. Thanks!
A little about me. I'm a mother of four, pregnant with baby 5. I stay at home and raise my children, we are working towards being off the grid. Anyway, my oldest turned six in December. I chose not to enroll her since legally I don't need to decide until she turns 7. I really want to home school but have no idea how to start this process. Please any help and info would be appreciated. Thanks
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