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okay i know it's for clothes but i had some blankets that smelt like cat pee. horrible bad and i sprayed oxi-clean 4 in 1 max clean on them and it worked. i haven't tried it on carpet but i don't see how it would hurt. give it a try.
i have four dogs, 1 redbone, 1 lab mix, 1 cane corso, and 1 husky mix. plus i have 8 rhode island reds. anyways, i have an uninsulated barn they have all been staying in. i'm not possitive on the dimensions, i think it's 12'-14'w x 20'-28'L x 8'-10'H. anyways, the chickens are in a 6'x6' enclosure in the barn. we have straw on the floor about 6in deep. this includes the chicken pen. i have put plastic over all the windows which has cut out almost all the draft. still...
6lbs 7oz 19.5in. born two hours after my water was broke and only one push. i had a hospital birth that was awesome, they stuck behind my every decision. no iv's no pitocen no pain meds. they let me go home after 13 hours. i was 38w exactly *according to u/s* but the nurses said they guessed she was closer to 36w because of all the vernex that was on her. (dang u/s are never right for me) we are happy, healthy and her older siblings adore her.
hehe, i was going to post this same question. i didn't have a plug or a bloody show. my ob told me to rush in if i had a bloody show... but i've never had one so how do i know if labor is near... obviously if my water breaks but any other signs.
the baby has dropped, i want to say it was +1. i don't remember though, that was from last appt. i didn't ask this time. thanks for the advice, i guess i'm just worried since this pregnancy didn't go like the other two. oh well, everything happens for a reason.
blood pressure great, no sign of pre-e, babies heart rate good, weight gain total 37.5lbs, 4cm dilated and to my amazement i'm measuring 37cm. my question is should my fundal height measure this high if my baby is already engaged. i didn't really think about it until i asked what i was measuring this week. they told me i've been measuring on or a week ahead since 20weeks. how the heck can my fundal height measure accuratly to weeks if my baby is so far down now. also this...
i've never had a bloody show. what's up with that.
just because these contraction don't "feel" doesn't mean they aren't doing anything. keep your head up. i've been having contractions for the last two months and although it sucks, i feel like i'm almost to my goal. so good luck and i'm sure your baby will be here soon
i'm not due until the end of nov. i called the nurse and she said if anything else out of the ordinary happens to come in asap. but after that nothing else happened. although i keep having a gut feelign that this baby will appear far sooner then planed. thanks ladies
strange question. i feel fantastic. i ate breakfast, took a bath, then got a drink of water and bam. i started throwing up everywhere. just clear water and some curdled milk. then i wrap up the trash still feel fine, carry it outside and bam i start throwing up all over outside. a creamy yellow. after i was done i still felt and still feel fine. stomach muscles a little sore but nothing out of the ordinary. is this normal. this has never happened in any other pregnancy...
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