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Quote: Originally Posted by 1littlebit wtf? i would love to meet the girl who asks about a guys circ status before she gets intimate. i would also sort of wonder why you would turn someone down b/c they are intact... that makes no sense. LOL ::: I ask... you know, prospectives, but just cause I'm nosey like that. My current is my first circ'd and really, the foreskin is such a wonderfully functional and fantastic part of the human body...
I've met several through Plenty of Fish.. I have a pretty rigorous filtering system and I've actually met in person 3 men, in the last 9 mos, and am very much in love with the last one and very good friends with the other two. I have plenty that would have been "potential" meets and some online "friends" through chatting from POF. I think it's such a great resource, I'd never meet anyone otherwise.
My son has been wondering about "mama's diapers" since he was like.. 1 When he was old enough to ask questions about blood he saw.. so like 3 or so? I explained to him that ladies have a special blood that is for making babies. And if they DON'T have a baby in their belly then the blood comes out, but sometimes instead they use the blood and grow a baby inside. More detailed than that but it's the general idea.. so he knows that it's a special blood that has to do...
That's actually how I became aware of the issue. First of all, I didn't even KNOW that anyone did outside of religious reasons.. but one time when I was young and married and still childless my aunts (nurses) had a rather loud and opinionated conversation around me about how horrible it was and how they refused to attend them etc. and hearing that convo. (heheh maybe it was an intentional one) made up my mind.
Hi!! I'm not far from Nurnberg, a sahm Canadian with 2 young boys
My family has them too.. but mine are reduced about 80 percent by avoiding all gluten (religiously) almost all corn wine and other grapey things
Never worried I live in Germany and as far as I've seen, people don't worry about their kids normal penises having probs
Darker coloured fitted pants, matching tops and jackets - you can make the combination as expensive and dressy or comfortable as you like! Try to go with the kinds of colours that you can mix and match so you don't have to have a thousand outfits all at once, and you can wear the same top and jacket with a skirt or with your dressy pants and heels or with your jeans. shoes: self explanatory, easiest thing to go with is a pair of sleek but comfortable ballet flats or...
HAHA in the orange ,you're so cute. Well don't hollywood people all have really big heads for their bodies because it looks good onscreen or something? Lots of them have short hair and it looks fantastic. I have a small head... I notice things like head size. Big heads look pretty good imo. I think a pixie cut would look great, esp since you have such a sweet and pretty face.
Hi!! I wanted to reply on this thread since a TT is something that I am considering, and have been researching for a few years. I can see that the skin is maybe a little loose compared to what I imagine (from your pic) it was before kids. But it's really really not bad at all. It seems like it's the shape, not the TINY wrinkle that bothers you? That is absolutely bodyfat and fitness levels. You can lose that by tightening abdominals and losing fat. Period. ...
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