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No, I won't be taking any hormones. I might try eating some basil. That'll be really gross, but it's worth a try. And I'd love to hear anyone else's ideas.
I'm just about due, and because of a trip I need to take the weekend after next I'd like it to get here asap. Are there any natural ways to just give it a nudge so it'll show up now instead of the beginning of next week?
We love Dr. Rosen's office, the Whole Child Center (linked in a previous post). They're very friendly to all kinds of alternative parenting and choices. They do say they support vax, and when you go in they ask if you're still planning not to vax, but when you tell them you still aren't interested they drop it. And they're also not fast to prescribe a lot of nonsense treatments and meds. We went in today for my son's 2 year visit, after not coming in at all since his 1...
I'm not interested in dating. My ex and I actually share a house at the moment until I finish school, so in the short term I worry that dating would make him uncomfortable. In the long term, I just feel I need to focus on my son. And it's not like I'm such hot property that the men would be beating my door down. I feel like it's too much effort to do the dating thing again at this point.
Same situation here. My 2-yr-old is the same weight he was as a 1-yr-old. He has gained height, but not even a little weight. He's thriving though, very interactive and curious, and our pedi isn't the least bit concerned. Some kids are just small. His father is a shorty, and I was an extremely tiny child, so he's just taking after us. Are you and her father small people, or were you slow growers as kids?
It's cheap here too, I pay $4.25/gallon.
Quote: Originally Posted by physmom I'm not sure if you saw my post above... but I would encourage you to look at that book Einstein Syndrome. It actually has a chapter on the effectiveness of early intervention on such cases (again, I've only read parts but this was a specific study on gifted children who were late talkers, which is a very different case than normal developing or developmentally delayed children who are late talkers). I'm not saying...
Hi ladies, I need to join you here. I've been doing Weston Price for a while now, but I'm thinking I need to cut my grain intake down even further. I'm not sure I can handle being entirely grain free (I love popcorn) but definitely bare minimum for grains. I've begun to realize that I feel so much less gassy and bloated and sluggish when I haven't eaten any grains (sorry for the tmi) so I'm ready to start. Question: Could it be useful to do some kind of a detox fast?...
Will early intervention refer me to an audiologist? I admit I have some concerns about early intervention. For one thing, I just don't like the idea of giving a government agency a foothold in my house. For another, I wonder if he doesn't speak because he needs to work on other things first, and if it could be harmful to his cognitive development to push him to speak. Is it possible that I should just let him talk when he decides to talk?
I think water kefir tastes like sparkling cider. I put pomegranate juice in mine, which might make it taste different. Milk kefir tastes sort of like liquid greek yogurt to me. Kombucha is vinegary, but in a good way
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