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I decided on a "hands off" policy. I like this doc, and she seems to mean well, so I'm just going to let her know I don't want her to touch anything down there unless there's a problem. It makes me too nervous.
My little one had his one year check up today. And it mostly went great, except- is it normal for a doc to check to see how far a foreskin opens? I kind of freaked and said please don't retract him, and she immediately said she never would but I've never seen that done before. She clearly didn't retract him all the way, but she pulled down a bit and opened the hole. Normal or scary? We just moved, and I like this doctor, but I need to be able to trust her. Thanks.
I'm overdue for my pap and just moving  (back) to KC. We're planning another babe in the next few years, so I'd like to find a vbac friendly doc right from the start. I have an excellent MW group here in Virginia, but I can't seem to find any in the KC area who'll take a hospital vbac. We'll be in Southern Johnson County. Thanks!
Congrats on your new sweetie! I hope the NICU stay is nice and short and he gets to come home soon.
We really like it there- though I've only taken my daughter there twice. The first time she was sick and the second time for a normal check up. I was really impressed with how many things they looked at during her physical and how they talked to her. I really felt that they us both, and I'm going to keep them as our pediatric practice for the new baby. They didn't give us any problems over not vaxing, and I hear they're really supportive of extended breastfeeding!
LOL! Well, congrats on your two boys! They'll be a blast!
I read somewhere that they agree in 2nd pregnancies you can feel the baby as early as 13 weeks- so I would guess you can in your first, too! I'm sure that if "they" have decided 13 weeks is the magic number, that some can feel earlier and some not until later.
I would just concentrate on eating as healthily as you can, and not worry about the numbers. It's so important to feed your growing baby, and I really don't like to see people restrict themselves too much when they're pregnant. I mean, yes, skip extra sugar and empty calories, but if you're hungry, eat, just make good choices. Make sure you drink enough water, and just let nature do it's thing. Your body will do what it needs to do. Unless you've gained 50 lbs from the...
Woah. I think I need to start getting things ready for this baby.
  Yeah, I don't even look at top 100, I always use that site to avoid them. I wonder their source too. I just know I'll be kicking myself if it really has jumped that high this year.  
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