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I really hope you don't use the word "fail" with her and upset her unneccesarily. 
Yeah, I have no idea what she was saying, either, which is why I didn't respond.   And I agree you don't have to have a number of years to take a moral position.  I just think that the OP has this bizarre kneejerk reaction of "government is baaaad" while not really recognizing how she and her family benefit from it.  But then again, most of the real-life libertarians I know are the ones who have had quite a bit handed to them.  There is a mindset that getting from the...
I don't think the OP is being picked apart.  She explained her stance on why a national tracking number is such a horrible idea and most of her opinions had an anti-government sentiment.  So this is all relevant.  Her anti-government sentiment is ridiculous, especially given her family's situation.  And people are pointing out how ridiculous it is, as well as how she has been offensive.   And yeah, the sleuthing is a little over the top, but AGAIN, since her whole point...
No, *I* said she is benefitting from her FIL's business.  Her husband is the "president" of (LastName) IBA Dairy Supplies, Inc., which holds as it's sole asset a truck-n-trailer, used for hauling his father's milk. It's a DBA (doing business as) company separated from the family farm as a shell corporation for tax purposes (and to enlarge the dad's subsidy eligibility). The farm is a family business.  Of which she and her family benefit.    And I'm not picking apart...
Err, I said the pros outweigh the cons.  Nothing about the original purpose.  And yeah, she can call whomever she wants "gross" until the cows come home.  It is certainly her right.  But my point is that she and her DH wouldn't have what they have now so this whole "leeching off the government is AWFUL" thing is pretty hypocritical when she has been a direct benefit.  :shrugs:
Also, that may be your FIL's farm, but really, you can't deny that you have benefitted from his farm.   So to call your inlaws "gross" is really disprespectful considering that they have helped you out. 
The OP referrered to a SS# as a "national tracking number."   I guess I don't get the fear.  As has been outlined in this thread, the Pros of getting a SSN greatly outweigh the Cons, of which there are many.  It makes no sense, and seems to be a really mean thing to do to your kids to have them jump through so many hoops to get their SSN at a later age. 
    Wow, that's interesting!  So even a farmer is very dependent on the government.  Pretty hypocritical to not want to be "tracked" by the government when you are getting this much money.   
I'm scratching my head over what is so utterly offensive about "train a child."  The wording sounded a little awkward, but our kids look to us to teach them, guide them, and yes, train them.    How is that so horrible?
"WAREHOUSED"??????????????  Are you friggin' serious?    Do you realize how disgusting and offensive such terminology is? 
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