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Quote: Originally Posted by tinuviel_k Nice one! I'll need to remember that. Nothing is more annoying to me that when a child very nicely and politely says, "Excuse me, may I have a glass of water?" and someone insists on the word "please." There are many ways to phrase a polite request. While I think this is hilarious, I also think it is incredibly rude, so it's kind of backfiring on the whole point isn't it? ETA: Oops, I meant to...
While annoying, I look at it as a "pick your battle/life's too short" type of thing, and try to keep it in perspective and let it go.
Update on Michael Phelps: http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/29224926/ Yay!!! : They won't do anything about someone holding a bong in a PHOTO . Thank goodness common sense rules (here at least). This sherriff Lott guy sounds more than a little power-trippy to me, and I do NOT say that about most law enforcement. Anyway...I'm glad to hear this.
I try not to judge but putting mountain dew in a baby bottle does make me angry. I understand generational poverty and not sure what the solution is, but at some point people do need to *want* change, and some people just don't, and then what, ya know?
That's a good point that people don't necessarily *know* who uses pot and who doesn't. It's not like there are labels to wear The pot smokers that I know that are productive members of society do keep it under their hat. They have a variety of jobs - teachers, social workers, clergy, business owners, administrative assistants, Director of agency that helps battered women, health practioners (both traditional and alternative medicine), and even law enforcement! ...
My son asked for a subscription to the Robb Report because he wants to be a "muti-billionaire" when he grows up! : I can't wait until he reaches his goal and he can buy Mama something from here.
Minky, nobody on here called you a liar for what you're family went through but you are essentially calling people liars for saying that pot has not messed up their lives or the lives of their families. Why are you calling people liars when nobody did that to you? And it is true that pot is not physically addictive the way nicotine or heroin is, where the body has withdrawals. That is not to say a person can't get " addicted" to having pot the way your DH did, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa85 How is his job in jeopardy because of the show? He had to resign from 2 of the boards he's on, and so maybe the "job in jeapardy" is an exaggeration but they certainly are not happy with him if he is being pressured to resign from boards. Also, his "apology" says something about his job....I can't remember what and don't know where the link is.
Well my DS has moved out of that type of carseat so it is a moot point but it would have been nice to have it explained that this could be a safety issue instead of having an eyeroll, ya know. It's funny b/c I did that all the time when DS was an infant, and the cart felt sturdy. I'll have to pay attention to that the next time I'm at the grocery store and see other parents doing this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Minky I'm anti-drug because my DH's marijuana addiction nearly ruined our lives. I'm glad marijuana is illegal after what I've seen, and it distresses me when people say it's "just pot." My husband wasn't himself when he was on it, thought of nothing but getting his next fix, and didn't give a care about our family. The ONLY thing that stopped him completely ruining our lives was one day, after he'd bought his latest...
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