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Quote: Originally Posted by Talula Fairie The person you are responding to was responding to a quote that specifically said, "Medical necessity, I can understand." And who decides if it's medically necessary?
Quote: Originally Posted by philomom : Whoopee! Took the words right out of my mouth. And what if people want to use pot during pregnancy for reasons than OTHER to get "stoned." Are they still selfish?
Quote: Originally Posted by sg784 ita!!!!! Hey, what happened to the capital letters?? LOL.
Quote: Originally Posted by sg784 These studies included other drugs, and tobacco. well except maybe the first one it just plain didnt say wether it was a controlled study or not. nak Yeah, that's what I thought, too. There aren't really studies in the US b/c of the War on Drugs propaganda and that is a shame.
Also, the key here is MODERATE amounts. (Yes, a gray area ) All the many, many, many, MANY women I know who smoked pot while pregnant did it a maximum of a few times per month. While their nausea was particularly bad, or in my case, my depression/anxiety were debilitating. Someone that is smoking pot all day is definitely going to be hurting their lungs, and that is a far cry from someone who is having a puff or 2 every once in a while. Sometimes it seems...
One thing that bugs me is b/c of the propaganda and the horrible, wasteful, racist and ridiculous War on Drugs there are not a lot of studies out there about moderate pot use being unharmful to babies. The Drerer study is a good one, and seems to be respected because it is actually scientific. If I recall the study was initially intended to show that pot was harmful, but then ended up doing the opposite. What's very interesting is that there aren't studies...
Quote: Originally Posted by BoringTales Does that small glass of wine make them drunk? A small hit of pot doesn't make everyone stoned, if that's what you're getting at.
Quote: Originally Posted by BoringTales If its only occasionally though, what's the big deal to NOT do it for 9 months? Really? Addiction, I can understand. Medical necessity, I can understand. Just occasionally wanting to get stoned? Selfish B.S. that makes me wonder what kind of a parent these people are really going to be. Do you think someone that has a small glass of wine a few times during their pregnancy is a selfish person...
People that smoke pot occasionally are not "stoners."
Quote: Originally Posted by elizawill well. i don't think pot is best for baby, lol. shocking i know. Well it's your opinion, but your opinion is not fact.
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