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Hi! I just joined too! I'm in the Enderby area, where are you? My parents live in Kelowna and I grew up there and in Winfield. Nice to meet you~! :0)
Hi Meghan girl!!! Nice to see you here!!
Hee! hee! Hi to my Ladies!!! This place is so big we probably won't see much of each other in here! Lol! But it's nice to know you are here!! :0) Joy, I love your name! hee! hee!
Thanks for the double welcome! hee! hee! I didn't notice, but now I feel special!
hee! hee! Love the name Kimmy!! I knew it had to be you!!
Hi Kimmy!!! Nice to see you here!!
Hi Carla!! Welcome
Hi Tiffany girl! :0)
hee! hee! Hi Carolyn!
Welcome!! Nice to meet you! I'm new here also and I'm from Canada also! Our youngest is 18 months and weighs inat 25 pounds. How are things in Ontario? I'm in B.C. and it has gotten so warm here, we are already living off an ice cream a day!!! Lol! I look forward to getting to know you! :0)
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