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Quote: I actually have a question. I have read a lot about not sleeping on your back as you get further along in the pregnancy. I'm only 16 weeks, so I haven't been worrying about that too much. But does that also apply to lifting (bench presses) and crunches? I lie on my back to do these exercises, but I wonder if there will come a time when I shouldn't Sorin, I am by no means an expert, and hopefully someone else will reply to this, but at first...
Hi Sonnet - how's it going back at the gym? DeChiRi - how are you? I saw that you had some awful flu at your house...are you back at the gym yet? I'm doing ok! I'm loving the free weights so much! One funny guy in the weight room came up to me jokingly & said, "hey, just let us know if you need a ride to the hospital!". It was very cute. I didn't have the heart to tell him I usually birth in the bathroom at home. Anyone else still lifting?
Welcome to everyone just joining! All is well with me. I'm 31 weeks, happy, healthy! zannster - I know it's a big decision. With my others I had decided to just get ultrasounds, but with this one, & me being 44, I agonized over the decision about an amnio. I ended up deciding to get one...then, my bloodwork & second level ultrasound came back perfect, so the peri did not want to do the amnio & I agreed. All in all, I was reassured & was SO glad to have done...
Quote: We are having one very healthy... baby boy! Congratulations!! I'm still adjusting to knowing I'm having a boy too. I have so many boys! I get excited just imagining the sweet soft smell of his little head!
Quote: mama in the forest - looks like you're losing your tiara (or your which was ultimately chosen for you). it now goes to Buzzer Beater. congrats and welcome!!! Buzzzer Beater, I pass the torch to you my dear. Welcome!! BB, you know, I get the you're crazy vibes too from people. I'm ok with being crazy.
Quote: momaintheforest, i'm glad you aren't craving sweet stuff at least. have you had GD in past pregnancies? No....but all my babies have been huge (10-12 lbs) and my last baby was an even 13 pounds. I'm going for a reduction here.
Am 44 & will be at birth! Come check out our pregnant & over 35 thread here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1144036 And, Juliensiss, you're 44 too? Come on over because right now I wear the tiara for oldest pregnant mama & we could share it.
That is really nice to hear! It's the same way with me...I need a new bed and so I was looking at all the different types. I just wanted the most comfortable one I could find & those Pure Touch latex beds were to die for. As I learned more about them I liked the fact that they were all latex too. It has an unusual feel...very comfortable, but very different than an ordinary bed.
I'm thinking about getting a Pure Touch latex mattress. It is made by a company called Therapedic. I'd love to hear some feedback if you've owned this mattress!!
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