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Abigail & Zona ~ I wasn't sure if I would find out....I did not find out with my other 6 & I did LOVE the surprise when I birthed them. With this last, seventh baby of mine, I ended up deciding to give myself a treat and find out. I thought FOR SURE I was having a girl. All signs pointed to it - my tremendous sickness, the heart rate, my instincts....all pointed to a last sweet final girl. I was seriously positive I was having a girl. So, at the ultrasound, I...
Thanks gabes mommy! I wonder if it's any better or worse than their regular wipe warmer?
It looks a little different than their regular wipe warmer....would love some feedback on anyone with experience with this warmer. Here's a picture/link of it: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...pf_rd_i=507846
Congratulations Darcytrue and Dmitrizmom! Wow, it just occurred to me I'm having a baby. I haven't bought a THING or done a thing. 26 weeks today.
Quote: Anyway... I just wish it would kill candida! I am fighting that, too! Really badly!! And I don't want to pass it on to the baby!!! What do you do for it? Btw, I have heard that Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic. Have you tried that for anything? Anyone else?? I know of people who swear by it but I've never heard of anyone taking it for a UTI. Abigail, candida is such a treat, isn't it? I try to focus on probiotics - my favorite one...
Quote: Turns out it's some sort of UTI that I am trying to fight off. Any advice about what to take/do that makes it go away faster? I am drinking lots of water, taking a natural antibiotic... sort of like colloidal silver. It's helped tremendously so far. I was up and around today. Only sore in my lower back this evening. Abigail ~ how's the UTI? I hope you're getting better! There are so many things you could try - cranberry of course, echinacea,...
I agree with Lillian about boundaries. I also think though, that sometimes it's interesting to talk to your child about his own boundaries. How old is he? He doesn't need to be very old to learn how to decide for himself whether he would like to continue or stop. Your mom is right about one thing - frustration can be a good thing, and your son can learn how to deal with his on his own terms. This could be really exciting & freeing for him to be able to do this.
Congratulations mama!! What a beautiful name she has too.
Quote: Here I am up at almost 2 am becuz I can't sleep... achy all over! yuk!! : Abigail, I had some kind of achy bug last week. It was four days of really nasty body aches but no other symptoms. I was SOOOO glad that it didn't end up being flu or anything. After that experience I've decided I'm going on lock-down when flu season really hits. Nothing but the gym for me & avoiding other public places. Rest well!
Jenny ~ congratulations on your boy!!!!!! How exciting! I know what you mean about over-doing it. On gym days, I'm pretty much shot for the rest of the night. I don't know if it's my age, or if I'm pushing myself a lot more than I used to. I do have 6 children, so obviously when I was younger I had less children that needed me. Who knows?...and who cares! I like resting.
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